#BBNaija: Payporte Ceo speaks on Teddy A and Bambam’s eviction and Nudity + Info On Owing Staff Salary

CEO of Payporte, Eyo Bassey has reacted to the eviction of  BBNaija housemates, Teddy A and Bambam from the on-going reality show.

Teddy A was on Sunday night evicted, almost 24 hours after he cried because his romantic partner, Bambam was evicted.

Reacting to the news, Eyo Bassey stated that housemates were warned that sex or nudity didn’t guarantee support from viewers.

Eyo wrote on Twitter:

”I hope everyone will understand and see clearly that ‘sex and nudity does not sell on #BBnaija. @payporte has maintained this position. Compared to last season when neither sex or nudity was televised we all can judge. I hope my fellow colleagues can get the message. #Bamteddy.

”I warned and they refused to listen. Sex doesn’t sell this @bigbrothernaija. we insisted on this last season and the show was clean and shattered all records. This weekend eviction is another pointer.”

Payporte is the official sponsor of Big Brother Naija 2018.

Eyo Bassey

Some months ago, January to be precise, a certain Twitter account, made claims about PayPorte, one of the most popular e-Commerce Companies in Nigeria owing months of salaries.

Many felt this was a rumour, because there was no identity to the person and the account, but we are here to tell you it was no rumour. It was the truth. We are the Ex PayPorte Staff and we are seeking justice. Real people who will reveal ourselves in due time.

We are a group of former employees who have had enough! We hereby bring to the notice of the Labour union, FIRS, PENCOM, Media and general public the injustice and inhumane treatment going on at PAYPORTE GLOBAL SYSYEMS, owned by Eyo Bassey Francis official sponsors of the Big Brother Naija show.

For months we have been working without pay! Requests for salary advance from salaries owed are being ignored! Employees who are unable to come to work due to lack of funds are fired and still denied payment! Salaries have not been paid since November last year. For our Pension, 8% employee contribution is being deducted monthly but not remitted, same for the employer’s statutory 10% pension contribution.


Making it a total of 18% pension contribution as stated in the Pension Act, which has not been remitted for more than 2 years, same with tax. Requests have been made, emails have been sent but the company has refused to respond and pay us our dues.

We have been quiet for too long while we watch as management spend frivolously. They engage in activities to promote the image of the company, sign celebrities as ambassadors, host and pay student ambassadors.

They are also sponsoring a reality TV show, #BBNaija worth over 350,000,000 Naira, AY Live, Nigeria Football Federation . Yet some say how’s that our business?



It is our business when we are being owed for 4 months and expected to come to work while certain staff enjoy special privileges. It is our right to demand for what is ours. Our loyalty and patience is being taken for granted and we will not be silent anymore.

It’s our business when all these spending are going on during the same period when staff were sending requests for school fees for a child which was ignored and child had to be withdrawn from the school.
It’s our business when Staff sent request for his rent which expired and he had to be evicted from his house
It’s our business when Staff who had a close relation battling cancer and wanted to help donate towards her treatment.

It’s our business when Staff who needed just N20,000 Salary advance to cater to his family sends a mail requesting for fees and the mail is unanswered. All these mails were left unresponded to.

We call on the Nigerian Labour Congress to take action. We call on FIRS to take action. We call on PENCOM to take action. We have laboured for PAYPORTE and we deserve our wages!

This isn’t just a Twitter battle. We will fight this injustice with all the energy, resources, sweat and spirit in us. We will bring this Company and its founder, Eyo Bassey Francis to the law and ensure we get what is rightly ours.
We have faces. We have identities, we are scared of no one or your friends. We have tried the diplomatic approach and gotten nothing. We will get what is ours eventually! We will not relent; We will not stop!


Source: KFB

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