Fashola Says Nigeria’s Electricity problems can’t be solved by magic

The Minister for Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has said that power problems in the country cannot be solved by magic. He further stated that electricity supply in the country is improving slowly.

Fashola Says Nigeria's Electricity problems can’t be solved by magic

Fashola made this statement at the inauguration of the 2x100MVA, 132/33kV power transformers at the Ejigbo Transmission Substation, Lagos, yesterday, October 18th.

While speaking at the ceremony, Fashola said,

“Between that time and when President Buhari came three years ago, some people were there. But they will come back to you; so, when they come back, ask them if they didn’t know where to buy transformers. The problem of electricity is slowly being solved, one by one. Anybody will tell you he will do magic; tell him, ‘How?’ He should explain to you. We inherited 800 containers for power equipment left in the port for 10 years. President Buhari gave us approval, and we have recovered 690” he said

According to Fashola, electricity has improved.

“If you look at it, between 2015 and now, you ask yourself honestly: Are you spending more on diesel now or before? Are you running your generators for longer today or yesterday? So, are you seeing the power slowly staying longer? If you are truthful to yourself, you will know that it is better than yesterday. And we haven’t finished,” he said.


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