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Grammy Award-Winning Rapper, Cardi B Confirms She’ll be in Lagos and Accra for Livespot X Festival

It’s pretty much stale news now.

But just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s the 411; Part-time rapper and full-time social media talkative, Cardi B will be performing in Lagos next month. The news has been met with excitement, disbelief and of course loads of memes.

Here are some of our favorite reactions to the news of Cardi B in Lagos.

  1. The Closeted Male Fans.

  1. The Freebie Gang: They are allergic to paying for anything.

  1. The Doubting Thomas: Notice how she completely changes the subject and throws in Cardi

  1. The Verified Doubting Thomas. Aunty Sandra, yes she’s coming.

  1. The Meme Addicts. They just can’t help themselves but to memify everything.

  1. And they don’t know when to stop.

  1. Even Gbemi joined the Bardi Meme Gang.

  1. The over-concerned fans. Apparently, these people don’t think Cardi alone is enough, they are hell-bent on seeing her entire family.

  1. The Desperate Marketers. To these people, Cardi B’s trip to Lagos is just another way to get more followers. SMH.

  1. The Wanna-Be Party Starter: Cardi B, a global music star in coming to Lagos, yet this sister still found a way to make December 7 about herself. A good girl indeed.

Cardi B certainly has a way of inciting some interesting reactions. What was your reaction when you heard she’s coming to Lagos. Excitement, shock, contempt, indifference?

Let’s discuss in the comment section. O’kurr!


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