Dremo – Scape Goat 2.0 (Davolee’s Diss-2)

Dremo dishes out a second reply to Davolee and titles it “Scape Goat 2.0”.

Dremo Scape Goat 2.0

DMW’s rapper, DremoDrizzy releases “Scape Goat 2.0” as a second reply  to the diss track Davolee made for him after he served him the first (Listen Here). Davolee called him Davido’s poor investment on his own record ‘Light Weight‘, Drizzy couldn’t overlook this as he comes through to clear things up about the investment thingy on this new diss track.

Drizzy says Davolee wishes he was in his shoes living his life, calls him a Rodo without pepper, royalties and a hit song. Finally Drizzy captions this ‘From a G.O.A.T to The Scape Goat’… Listen!



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