Ex #BBNaija Housemate, Tboss speaks on ‘Childbirth’ and Ubi Franklin’s connection

Ex-Big Brother Naija season 2 housemate, Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as Tboss, has reacted to the rumours making the rounds on the internet that she has given birth to a baby girl.

Tboss speaks on ‘Childbirth’, Ubi Franklin’s connection

She took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to deny the news as fake, stating that there has never been any intimacy between her and music boss, Ubi Franklin.

Tboss in her recent post on her Instagram page, told bloggers who are always quick to post fake news without a confirmation, to be ashamed of themselves.

She said ”I want to use this opportunity to express my immense appreciation to each and everyone who took out time to send me congratulatory messages, prayers and well wishes on the birth of my child, may God bless you.”

However, I regret to inform you that is not my child, am still appalled at the person who took all the time and went through all the trouble to come up with that juicy story and the photo they used has a striking resemblance of me, if I may say to myself.“Such a cute lil baby ,bless her heart.

I do think you are in serious need of a job and i would have given you one but you have shown some serious psychotic tendencies so it maybe best you stayed really far away from people.“So many people thought I will be mad and flip out, maybe throw out a few shots but this incident has been an eye opener for me.

“This is to the bloggers that so hurriedly reported fake news, my God in heaven aren’t y’all even ashamed of yourselves?“You didn’t double check anything, didn’t ask anything, didn’t as much as ask any questions but just ran with the news to get traffic on you pages how blooming pathetic can you be?“I am even ashamed of people who follow y’all and believe what you write, no dignity whatsoever, no respect to your name , don’t you care about your credibility?

““For the very last time, Ubi is a friend and there’s NEVER, EVER been any form of intimacy between us.“Getting pregnant, having a baby or starting a family is a personal journey so if someone wants to keep their business there’s nothing so hard in letting them and minding your own business.“ Most of the content on social media is controlled to get a particular reaction from the public, do not fall for everything you see.”

See screenshots below:

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