#ICYMI: Summary Of Happenings In The #BBNaija House In Week 3

It’s the third week in the Big Brother Naija House and a topsy-turvy journey for the housemates. With all kinds of drama from the mundane food wahala to nomination suspense and task tensions, it’s safe to say the housemates’ true colours are beginning to show and we are loving it!

ICYMI: 6 Interesting Things You Probably Missed in the BBNaija House This Week

Just in case you missed all the drama from the ‘Pepper Dem’ housemates last week, no worries, we got you.  Here is the ghen-ghen gist that has gotten us hooked.

1.Double Knockout:

Just when we thought we recovering from the shocking double eviction of Avala and Isiloma some weeks ago, Biggie stunned us with yet another double eviction that saw Ella and KimOprah leave the house. We will definitely miss KimOprah’s beautiful face and Ella’s sweet voice, maybe she would have done better during the ‘Pepsi Know the Lyrics’ challenge because her voice is a head-turner.

2. Seyi the Superhero?:

Just like the previous week, Biggie called the housemates into the diary room to nominate two housemates they wanted to put up for possible eviction. At the end of the nominations, Tacha, Frodd, Tuoyo, Seyi and Mike topped the list. Meanwhile, Seyi had a veto power to save and replace himself, but as the ‘superhero’ that he is, Seyi gave up the veto power with the consequence of not getting to participate in the Veto power challenge ever again in the house. Could this be his strategy to win? Will this work for or against him? Only time will tell.

3. Girl Power:

It’s time up for the guys as the ladies have decided to take things over from them. The week started with choosing who the Head of House would be with the Memory Challenge task. Esther emerged winner and became the first female Head of House. So far, her tenure has been splendid with the support of the other ladies in the house.

In this same week, Jackye won the Pepsi ‘Know the Lyrics’ challenge after a long battle that spanned the entire day.  Earlier in the game, Tacha had pointed out that ladies be given an opportunity to be a part of everything happening in the house. It definitely is girl power time and the ladies are not taking it lightly at all.

4. Khadoni Ship sinking?:

Shortly after a long and hard practice for the Pepsi ‘Know the Lyrics’ challenge, Khafi decided it was time to set things straight with her “estranged” house heartthrob, Gedoni. She was not happy with the energy between them since Kim left the house and it looked like he had been avoiding her.

All indications suggest that  Gedoni may have opted to taking a break from steering their love boat. However, apologies were made and the love birds made up; right after the this, the emotional Khafi broke down in tears midway into their heart-to-heart talk.

Would these two “love-captains” steer their boat and stand the test of time or are they headed for an ultimate shipwreck?

5. Pepsi ‘Know the Lyrics’ Challenge:

Since the theme for the week was ‘Singing’, Biggie had the housemates do a lot of singing for their tasks including the Pepsi ‘Know the Lyrics’ challenge. The Pepsi challenge is for each housemate to learn their chosen lyrics and simply sing along to their part of a song whenever the song is played. It was quite amusing to watch the housemates prepare hard for the challenge, the fights for unity and the funny pronunciation of ‘Olu Omo’ from Mike got social media laughing.

Interestingly, Jackye and Seyi made it to the final, where Jackye defeated Seyi to become the winner of the challenge.

6. “One Voice” Wager Won:

The wager week seemed really good for the housemates as they had a lot of singing to do. After days of intensely rehearsing their song, with Sir Dee and Khafi egging them on every move, Esther asserting her authority as Head of House and compliance from most of the Housemates, they ended in victory.

The wager presentation was a reflection of love amongst the housemates and they managed to pull it off. Biggie announced that they won their 100% wager and a roar of ecstatic cheer lit up the arena. Esther was exceptionally elated as the wager was won under her rule as Head of House.  Obviously, all their efforts paid off.

7. Bet9ja Friday Arena Challenge:

After Esther read the instructions to the Housemates from Biggie, there was a moment of excitement and anticipation as to who will paint whose face in preparation for the Arena Games. Biggie had asked the housemates to paint each other’s faces with some rules guiding each painting. The Arena games started after a few hours of the painting.

To everyone’s surprise, Omashola won the circus game, winning 400 Bet9ja coins, while Seyi came second with 200 Bet9ja coins.

The game is getting really tough and peppery. Esther and Jackye won the face painting task while we await Tacha’s judgement for breaking Biggie’s rules. Still the week for the Girls!

Which housemate will be evicted this weekend? Whose love will boat will sink or swim? The Pepper has just started, the game has just begun, let’s see who will take the ultimate ‘pepper dem crown’. Stay Tuned!

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