3 Emotionally Draining Yet Underappreciated Jobs

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    3 Emotionally Draining Yet Underappreciated Jobs

There are jobs that deserve more accolades than are being given to those who take it as a profession.  In fact, we think that people in these professions should get a blank cheque once in their lives. E no easy!

Here are the jobs we think deserve all the accolades:

1. Customer Care Reps:

Irrespective of the industry they work, customer care representatives are arguably one of the most underappreciated. There is a constant need for them to be ever so polite and helpful, with almost no consideration for how they feel at the time.

They are expected to engage customers, resolve complaints, be knowledgeable and provide information about what goes on in the business, all with a smile and genteel attitude.

What you can do:

Next time you interact with a customer care rep, be sure to be civil and remember they are humans too!




Managers of the Love Home Orphanage during MTN Foundation’s visit as part of its Orphanage Support Initiative.


2. Orphanage Caretakers:

Ever wondered how caretakers at orphanages spend their day? It’s an emotional rollercoaster! A recent visit to the Love Home Orphanage, with the MTN Foundation team, exposed so much. As part of its annual Orphanage Support Initiative, the Foundation kicked off its orphanage visitation in Nigeria. Centers around various zones across  Nigeria were visited and numerous food and household items were donated.

You could feel the ‘tiredness’ in Hephzibah Itimi’s voice as she spoke. The lawyer and manager of the Love Home Orphanage was bubbling with smiles even though she was exhausted. Making sure all the children in the Orphanage have a hitch-free day from when they wake up till when the last child falls asleep is a full-time job! In spite of that, this was a “calling” that Itimi could not deny. After over 12 years working at the orphanage, seeing the children grow and expand gives her joy that outweighs any other thing. That is selfless!


What you can do:

Check out the nearest orphanage, you don’t have to donate money or material, you could simply volunteer to help (housekeeping, laundry, etc.) in aiding the caretakers and the children. You’d be surprised how fulfilling it is.



3. Writers

If you’ve ever written a paper, an article or a letter, then you know how challenging it is. Reflecting your thoughts and imaginations in a way that makes sense and engages the reader is hectic. For people who write professionally, a lot of time is spent on edits and drafts that do not even make it to the final work. Writers struggle with a lot of things, the most common being ‘writer’s block’ – where they get stuck and writing becomes near impossible. That’s not all! There are deadlines and  the pressure that can cripple… Let’s just say it’s not a walk in the park.


What you can do:

Find books, articles, or any write up that interests you. There’s always something to learn or unlearn from reading.

That’s our list of the top 3 emotionally draining yet underappreciated jobs. If you think any more jobs should have made this list, kindly comment on why you think they should.



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