#BBNaija: “I Look Forward To Having A Relationship With Prince Outside The House” – Tolanibaj

On Sunday, August 30, Big Brother pulled the rug from under the housemates in an eviction twist no one saw coming. All the housemates were called to stand up by Ebuka, eviction style, and without giving the housemates an opportunity to vote who they wanted out of the house, Tolanibaj was evicted.


Tolani who had never been in the bottom four was definitely shocked to be out of the house. She said as much to Ebuka on the live stage, claiming that her Saturday night energy was going to be missed and that Big Brother just needed to shock the audience, which led to her eviction. According to the BBNaija graph showing the bottom six housemates released after the show, Tolanibaj was the second housemate with the least votes.



The housemates had their first media rounds courtesy of Betway, the headline sponsor of  BBNaija Lockdown, where they spilled the tea and got the opportunity to explain some of their actions while in the house, as well as shed some light on what is next for them now that their game has ended.




As expected, one of the first questions Tolanibaj was asked at Beat FM was about her relationship with Prince, as well as the conversation she had with Erica about Neo. She was quick to clarify that she only said that she was attracted to Neo, not that she was interested in pursuing a relationship with him. She said, “Nigerians need to know the difference between finding someone attractive and liking someone.”


The ex-housemate explained that if Neo was available and single, she might have made a move, but Neo and Vee were together in the house and she respects boundaries, “If Neo and Vee have a relationship and I try to get close to Neo, I feel it’s a shame on my character.”


She admitted that she and Prince definitely had feelings for each other, however they speak different love languages, which put some strain on their relationship.


When asked why it took her so long to loosen up in the house, she said, “I know I entered the house with a lot of energy because that’s just how I am, but being in a house with 19 other people is different.”


She goes on, “I decided to take my time to allow people to get to know me, And I believed that my Youtube channel would also speak for me.”


She admitted that she didn’t take the Betway Arena games too seriously, that she merely wanted to put on a show for her fans, however she thinks Prince or Ozo will win this week’s Betway Trivia and Arena games.


Though she thinks Erica is most likely to win the competition, Tolanibaj is definitely rooting for Prince saying, “I look forward to having a relationship with Prince outside the house”, admitting that she was attracted to his “tall, dark features”.


Now that she’s out, Tolani is going to continue with her media and A&R activities. She’ll also continue to push her Youtube channel, and pursue new interests in real estate and whatever else the future holds for her.


Betway continues to promote a spirit of competition among the housemates, as well as fans and viewers of the show. Betway will also add to the thrill of the BBNaija experience through a variety of gaming activities, both on the TV show and on Betway platforms – all of which give viewers the chance to play and win.


On betway.com.ng, players can predict who will win the Betway Arena games every week. Additionally, bettors can predict who the next BBNaija Head of House will be and walk away with a share of N350,000 in cash and prizes every week.


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