#CokeStudioSessions Week 2: DJ Khaled’s Hilarious Beyonce Story, Bebe Rexha’s Enthralling Performance, and more!

Chances are, you have been to a concert at least once in your life — either alone or with friends and family. The feeling is unforgettable because you meet great people who share the same interests with you, and you form a bond with them which could last a lifetime, and the adhesive was simply music. Such is music’s power, that it transcends every medium. Whether you’re at a live concert or streaming from your phone, there’s that togetherness, discovery of something new, and sense of community music brings.

Music can be a tool that identifies with our feelings, wants, and innermost thoughts and this could not have been more apparent in the second week of the Coke Studio Sessions. Here are our favourite moments!

Bebe Rexha: Fully Immersed

#CokeStudioSessions Week 2: DJ Khaled’s Hilarious Beyonce Story, Bebe Rexha’s Enthralling Performance, and more!

Just as anticipated, Bebe Rexha wanted to deliver a peerless, focused performance and she delivered, with a well-curated set-up to allow for an immersive and connective experience. Her session felt very much like we were transported to her home studio, nodding and singing along with her as she performed heartfelt acoustic renditions of her many hits.

Her energy, her dedication to ensuring clear, crisp sound, and her ordered line-up of songs delivered the ultimate acoustic concert feel, and it probably was our favourite performance of the night. The songs performed during her set include “In The Name Of Love”; “Meant To Be”; “I’m A Mess”; and a humorous ‘quarantine version’ of “Me, Myself & I.”

Scarypoolparty’s Session: Eccentric and Melancholic

Starting off his session with a beautiful guitar solo, Alejandro Aranda, also known as Scarypoolparty, set his fans in the right mood for his session. The former American Idol contestant stunned viewers with his guitar-strumming skills, often switching from slow-paced chords to incredibly fast-paced strums. What impressed us the most was how rich the experience of his performance felt. Listening to him pour out his feelings through his songs was like having hot cocoa on a cold, rainy night, with his soulful guise and melancholy inciting some weird sense of comfort in us, and everyone else watching.

At age 20, Alejandro Alandro was working at a warehouse where he almost lost his hand in a conveyor belt. The experience served as a catalyst for the singer to pursue his true passion which was music. Fast forward to years later, and Alejandro has become one of the most unique singers on the scene right now, with his peculiar pop balladry and a dedicated fanbase.

Dedicating a never-before-heard song on his session, Alejandro had a message for the fans, informing about the fleeting nature of life and how important it is to be present in every moment. He also thanked #BeApp and Coca-Cola for having him on, and primed his fans for artists yet to perform.


DJ Khaled’s & Victor Cruz: A Kick-Back Session

Continuing the tradition from the first week, DJ Khaled did not perform for the second week running in the Coke Studio Sessions. Nevertheless, his session with former American football wide receiver, Victor Cruz, was one of the most entertaining of the week as the prolific American DJ revealed a hilarious experience with Beyonce. According to him, while he was still climbing up the ladder, he produced a beat for Jay Z and tried to get Beyonce to feature on the song as well. Subsequently, he met the couple at a party and remembered being speechless and starstruck by Beyonce’s presence after she told him his beat was good. “[A few days] later. Jay called me and told me ‘It’s done.’ and before he ended the call he said ‘And one more thing, [Beyonce’s] on the track too.” According to him, getting both artists on his track at that phase of his career felt like his own version of a “getting a super bowl ring.”

Khaled and Cruz also talked about their favourite artists, and the latter revealed his top 5 artists of all time (in no particular order): Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Nas, Big L, and Jadakiss. Khaled also asked Cruz who his best new artists were, Cruz responded, handpicking up-and-coming rapper, Jack Harlow.

During his session, DJ Khaled also talked about some more intimate aspects of his life, such as his weight problems. He expressed his drive for continuous weight loss and revealed he hasn’t weighed over 300 pounds in years. “It’s not just about looks, you know. I just want to be healthy,” he revealed.


Steve Aoki’s Session: All About Colour

Experiencing Steve Aoki’s performance felt like an acid-fueled trip, with colourful animation sequences serving as the DJ’s background as he performed his set. The American DJ’ set was not only attractive to look at, but it was also great seeing him uniquely use #BeApp as he puppeteered his fans, telling them to drop green and blue hearts in the comments at intervals. His set consisted of hits such as “I Love My Friends”; “Crash Into Me”; and an untitled song, among many others.

Next week’s line-up of performances might be the biggest one yet in the Coke Studio Sessions, with performances from Grammy Award Winner, Miguel and the “Blurred Lines” hitmaker, Robin Thicke. What did you think of this week’s Coke Studio Sessions and whose performances are you looking forward to next weekend? Sound us out in the comments below!

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