DJ Khaled Reveals He’s Terrified of Beyoncé

There are three of many surreal moments in life: falling in love for the first time, hearing your child’s first words, and according to DJ Khaled, meeting Beyonce in person.

During his discussion with Victor Cruz on the Coke Studio Sessions, the popular American DJ, like hundreds of millions across the world, revealed he is equally as overwhelmed by Beyonce’s presence as he told the story of how he successfully got her to feature on his hit track, “Shining”.


According to him, while he was still climbing up the ladder, he produced a beat for Jay-Z and tried to get Beyonce to feature on the song as well. “I remember Jay-Z being stunned when I asked for both [him and Beyonce] on the track, but I was simply shooting for the stars, and so I asked him anyway,” he said.


Subsequently, he met the couple at a party and remembered being starstruck by Beyonce’s presence. She subsequently told him the beat he produced was good and he recalled being “frozen” for a moment, before acknowledging her praising his work.


The aftermath of the party was even better as DJ Khaled recalled getting a call from Jay-Z a few days later. “Jay called me and told me ‘[My verse] is done.’ and before he ended the call he said ‘And one more thing, [Beyonce’s] on the track too.” According to him, getting both artists on his track at that phase of his career felt like his own version of a “getting a super bowl ring.”


This is not the first time DJ Khaled has admitted he is terrified of Beyonce. In an interview with the New York Times in 2016, he revealed he was very reserved around her: “I’m very quiet. Every time I’ve ever seen her is when I’m with my brother Jay Z, and I just say, “Hi,” and I look the other way so fast, and I kind of run. I just don’t want to say anything too much. I’m not messing that up,” he said.

DJ Khaled has made two appearances on the Coke Studio Sessions, a virtual concert launched by Coca-Cola and #BeApp to provide entertainment to fans through music and also support the Red Cross in its fight against COVID-19 across the world.

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