FalzTheBahdGuy, DJ Cuppy, Josh2funny, Others Lead BHM’s Concept of Virality 2020

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FalzTheBahdGuy and Josh2funny are two of the leading entertainers in Nigeria who have been responsible for some of the biggest social media challenges across continents in recent months.

Both acts and other equally popular Nigerians started off and ignited global social media trends: Don’t Leave Me Challenge, Don’t Rush Challenge and the 10 Year Challenge, which were reviewed in the second edition of BHM’s report, The Concept of Virality Report.

This new report, like its first edition published in 2016, explores the world of viral trends and user-generated content, answering pertinent questions about why the challenges became so popular so quickly, why some brands benefited from them and why others did not. It also highlights how brands can recognise opportunities to create, and make informed decisions as to whether to latch on to moments and contents and be part of a global conversation.

The Concept of Virality 2020 outlines the value of viral trends, the role of social media platforms, celebrities and timing in creating trends and providing lessons for public relations professionals, social and digital media marketers, creative agencies, brand managers and content teams.

The maiden edition of the report which was released in 2016 cast a spotlight on Nigerian hawker-turned-model Olajumoke Orisaguna as a case study. That publication cut through the DNA of the viral story with a bread cutter’s precision as it explains how Olajumoke became an overnight celebrity and a toast of several brands within a short period of time. Some brands benefited from Olajumoke’s instantaneous fame while others failed to recognize the opportunities that accompanied that unintended viral content.

Whilst speaking on “The Concept of Virality Report,’’ the CEO, BHM Group, Ayeni Adekunle explained the rationale for creating this insightful publication.

“We decided to come up with this research work because in the business of content creation and marketing, brand and perception management, public relations and communication as a whole, it is important to have reliable data and bodies of research to refer to when making decisions regarding future content direction. We believe that ‘The Concept of Virality’ will give our industry a deep insight into how to understand and appeal better to the imagination of the audiences we interact with on a daily basis,’’ he said.



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