Gulder Ultimate Search Returns….

….with Repeat Episodes of Past GUS Seasons

“It feels so good to watch Gulder Ultimate Search again!!!”

Banke Bankole, a devout fan of reality TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search could not contain her excitement as she caught the first episode of the reruns, on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Banke, alongside many other lovers of the show, have begun to share nostalgic tales of how they curled up together with their families and friends as they enjoyed the thrilling episodes of Gulder Ultimate Search.

Gulder Ultimate Search first launched in Nigeria in 2004. It ran for 12 seasons and produced many TV stars including Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike before it ended in 2016.

A shared favourite among many Nigerians, GUS captivated hearts with its interesting collection of lores, exciting theme songs, headstrong contestants that you could not help but root for, intrigues, and many epic moments.

Now fans of the show will get another chance to relive those moments with the rerun of 10 episodes themed around the show’s past seasons; ‘The Horn of Valour’, ‘The 10th Symbol’ and ‘The Gatekeeper’s Fortune’, to name a few.

The episodes will run daily on Africa Magic by 10:00 pm, Hip TV by 9:30 pm, and Views Channel on Startimes by 8:00 pm.

Fans can also catch all the intrigues and drama of the Gulder Ultimate Search, on-demand, on Gulder’s official Youtube page GulderNigeria, where the episodes will premiere daily at 7:00 pm.

gulder ultimate search the return 


I recognize and remember the names of most of the people in this photo above. Do you?

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