Momma, I Made It: Six Things You Don’t Know about Yvonne Orji

Most people only know Yvonne Orji for her role as Molly Carter, the self-sabotaging but purpose-driven lawyer and friend to the protagonist, Issa Rae on Insecure. But beyond this role, many know little of the Nigerian-American star whose breakout comedy, Momma, I Made It will premiere on DStv Premium. Here are a few interesting facts about her personal life and career.

She’s headlined for Chris Rock
Yvonne Orji opened for Chris Rock’s Total Blackout Tour in Atlanta in 2017. This was a big influence on her comedy career.


Her mother wept when Yvonne chose comedy
Yvonne’s parents wanted her to become either a doctor or a pharmacist. But she opted for comedy, and this decision made her mother cry. That’s why the title of her breakout comedy show is, Momma, I Made It.


She got her role on Insecure without an agent
Even with an agent, getting a role on a TV show is not a walk in the park. Her experience in making people laugh in bars and theatres was what bagged her the role of Molly on Insecure, an HBO series without a manager or an agent.

Yvonne’s father made sure she knew her roots
Her parents moved to the US while Yvonne was 6. Every summer, her father made sure they visited Nigeria to keep in touch with their roots. This explained why Momma, I Made It features a lot of Nigerians.


Fans can’t separate her from Molly
Some fans of the TV series Insecure are having a hard time separating Yvonne Orji from her character in the series. Molly, who is a career-driven and stylish lawyer who fails woefully in her romantic relationships’ pales considerably from the person Yvonne really is.

She’s saving herself for marriage
Yvonne Orji has repeatedly professed her chastity. She’s a virgin who plans to keep herself for marriage. Yvonne is devoutly religious and in an interview with Time, she shared: “Before any of [the fame] happened, I sat down with myself and with God and thought about when I make it, how do you want me to represent You while I’m here?”
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