Neusroom Launches COVID-19 Project To Recognize 100 People, Organizations, Countries And Things Helping The World Conquer Coronavirus

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In recognition of the remarkable impact that has been made in the fight against COVID-19, ID Africa, a Lagos-based media, marketing and technology company has announced the inauguration of the Neusroom 100 project – a special editorial endeavour created to recognize and celebrate one hundred people, organizations, countries and things helping the world conquer COVID-19.


Neusroom is one of the few independent media platforms in the world providing members with credible, verifiable, and objective information about Nigeria and other African nations, at a time when the world needs to understand the continent, its people, culture, and opportunities better.


The full list of honourees will be published on Friday, July 3, 2020, on a dedicated section of Neusroom’s website, partner platforms, and social media channels.


The list is the first of its kind, celebrating those whose contributions and actions have helped alleviate the pain, suffering and economic hardship associated with the pandemic that grounded the global economy. With reports of over 470,000 deaths among more than 9.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, the International Labour Organization (ILO) projects up to 25 million job losses globally. Coupled with social disruptions, conflicts and economic downturns in a time of uncertainty, Neusroom 100 is shifting the focus to showcase those working hard to make things better.


The Neusroom 100 project highlights 40 people, 30 organisations, 20 countries and 10 things ranging from political leaders and business moguls, conglomerates and local organisations, health workers at the frontline, scientists, artistes and a number of relatively unknown people who are showing responsibility in tackling COVID-19.


Speaking on the reason for creating the project, ID Africa CEO, Femi Falodun said: “ID Africa created the Neusroom 100 project as a celebration of hope, and an acknowledgment of humanity’s collective will to survive. Neusroom 100 highlights the sacrifices and contributions of women, men, organisations, nations and even things – products of humanity’s creativity, that are helping the world win in this long fight against COVID-19.”


The names on the list were selected after a rigorous editorial review process which considered the impact of each honouree’s contributions and how committed they have been in their efforts against COVID-19. The ultimate goal of the project is to inspire people into action while giving kudos to those who have been most helpful with their resources and expertise.


Although the fight against COVID-19 continues, the expectation is that humanity will eventually conquer the unseen enemy if everyone around the world plays a part, no matter how little in eliminating the pandemic.


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