#NOLLYWOOD: Kayode Adebayo Announces New Movie Titled “Supremacy”.

Kayode Adebayo Films set to Show us “Supremacy” as new movie project is announced.

Kayode Adebayo Announces New Movie Titled "Supremacy".

Actor Kayode Adebayo is cooking something fresh to bring to our screens.

Nollywood movie maker, actor, Producer and location guru Kayode Adebayo  who recently celebrated the second birthday of his beautiful daughter Michelle , is the brain behind amazing movies like Olakanmi, Igbekele, Alagbawi , amongst others.

He is working tirelessly to bring us a crime story. We have been assured that this new project will blow our minds.  

Supremacy is the newest movie from the stable of Kayode Adebayo productions and is still in the works. The cast of the movie will be announced soon.

Ever heard the saying that “the measure of a man is what he does with power”?, yeah! this intriguing crime story shows how vain life really is.

It is a movie that brings with it a lot of lessons, part of them being that destiny and death are inevitable for all men. Losing your humanity, morality and conscience in a bid to attain power is not worth it, as Karma always visits swiftly.





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