See church that worships women with big bums

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Yes, you heard right! Isn’t it quite weird and interesting? With all the new spiritual movements making the rounds, one recently caught my attention. It is about a new religion about ladies endowed with big butts.

church worships big butt

So… If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a woman’s behind and thinking that you’re having a spiritual experience, we have the religion for you:

The church of adonitology refers to the adonitology religion, which involves people who worship curvy bottoms of women.

This religion is called Adonitology. In other words, Adonitology is a church dedicated
to the worship of fat-bottomed girls.

Adonitology is no joke; it’s a real religion with a real church and real followers. It
even has its own holy book.

The self-proclaimed prophet Adonis claims that on January 3,1996, he was visited by three holy figures—Jesus, an angel named Elishamel, and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, though,was a woman with a big booty. Jesus told him it was God’s will that women with big butts come into power in the 21st century and that he was to start a religion dedicated to their worship.

The church of Adonitology has now been worshiping big butts for 20 years, in churches where women twerk to the
glory of the Lord – The way God intended.



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