The 5 Amazing Things We Know About MTN’s New Music Reality Show! Number 3 Will Have You Screaming!

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MTN Y’ello Star will soon be making waves on your TV and mobile devices screens in the next couple of weeks and it promises to be super exciting! As you are preparing yourself for the show, grab a seat and popcorn, let us share some of the things we know about the show with you.

  • Physical Audition is so last season 

Who would have thought that auditioning to be a part of a reality show would be done strictly online? Well that is just one of the things 2020 has thrown at us! But are we complaining about it? Nope, we are not.  We are all for anything that will stop the usual stampedes at audition venues or the spread of Covid. Please dear stay at home and audition from the comfort of your home.  Entrants would need to register and submit audition reels via a platform that would be announced by the MTN.

  • Winner is not only going to cash out!

How many times have we seen winners of reality shows going broke? Many times! But MTN has decided to do things differently with Y’ello Star.  The winner of the show will be going home with 10M Naira cash, a new car, brand new fully furnished apartment with a home recording studio  that is theirs for life and a brand new car. That’s not all, there are add ons such as

  • Online Music Training Program from the prestigious Berklee School of Music to all final 16 contestants.

  • A Scholarship to the top Five Finalists to attend Berklee 2021 Summer Music Program at the Berklee School of Music.

  • Winner to record & produce a song at  Berklee World-class Studio in New York, USA.

There is no going broke after this one even your village people can’t make you go broke.

  • A  Grammy Award Winner Will Be Amongst the Judges.

Wait, are we going to see Queen Bey, Pharrel Williams or Riri as one of the judges? Ahh this is going to be massive! We don’t know who the Grammy award winner is yet but we are sure it’s someone big! This right there is a reason to watch the show!

  • The Hosts Will Blow You Away, They’ve got so much chemistry!

We know the hosts already but we are not going to tell you guys just yet, you just have to wait for it! One thing we can tell you though is that they are young, fun, classy, bougie but not ratchet (Lol) and they have a lot of chemistry!

  • Stars Are Going to be Made!  

Can you think of any music reality show in this part of the world that didn’t produce at least one super-star? We very much doubt it! Nigerians are some of the most talented and creative people in the world, all they need is the right platform to showcase their talent. With a show of Y’ello Star’s magnitude, we are sure stars are going to be discovered and nurtured. Who knows, maybe Nigeria’s first Grammy award winner will come from the show. Fingers crossed

Ready to be entertained for the next couple of weeks? MTN Y’ello Star is the perfect show that will keep you glued to your devices. Follow us for constant updates, gossip, reviews and analysis of the show.

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