Why We are Excited about Tobi Bakre and Hilda hosting MTN Y’ello Star

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Reality TV fans know that asides the contestants, the choice of hosts is one that can make or mar a TV project. MTN Y’ello Star recently announced Tobi Bakre and Hilda Baci as hosts for its debut season and this has brought joy to many fans who are waiting for the show to kick off. Tobi rose to fame as a finalist in the Big Brother Naija reality TV show while Hilda has amassed a dedicated following through her culinary show “Dine on A Budget”. If you are still wondering why everyone is giddy, here are reasons to be excited about the duo:

Amazing personalities: Tobi Bakre is never off his game. He knows exactly how to pull on your heartstrings in a way that makes us keep coming back for more! Hilda Baci on the other hand is the perfect example of an ideal reality TV show host! The look, the sass and her lovable nature are guaranteed to make her an audience favourite!

Unimaginable chemistry: The on and off-screen friendship between this loveable duo will make you squeal in delight. With this pair, we are looking forward to easy camaraderie on the MTN Y’ello Star stage which will lead to dozens of meme-worthy clips of their laughing fits and conversations.

Intelligent and witty grilling of the judges: We predict that these two will be “double the trouble and fun of course”. They will be equal opportunity offenders when it comes to teasing the judges and contestants with snarky-but-sweet one-liners. What more could you want from show hosts?

Fashionable outfits of the hosts: Get ready for major outfit envy! We expect Tobi Bakre and Hilda Baci to bring all the heat serving us looks episode after episode. I mean we wouldn’t expect any less from a big-budget production such as the MTN Y’ello Star.
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