5 Deals You Cannot Miss Out On As Shoprite Ota Celebrates New Look With A Promo

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Ever since the Shoprite Nigeria franchise was acquired by Ketron Investment Limited in a deal led by MBO Capital, loyal customers and new shoppers have been hoping for a promotion or activity to mark this change of ownership, and now they finally have it.

Ketron, led by renowned businessman Tayo Amusan, has completed a revamp of the Shoprite Ota Store, which is one of the 25 stores they took over following the acquisition, and they are celebrating it with several special offers for their customers. If you are in Ogun State, here are five deals you can get when you shop between August 27, 2021, to September 8, 2021.

Price Discounts on Wines, Cognac & Gin 

If you are a lover of the Hennessy Cognac brand, you will be able to get the 375ml bottle for less than its original price for the duration of this promo. This means that you get to enjoy that ‘Henny’ feeling without breaking the bank. This promo discount extends to Castillo’s range of dry white, red and sweet red wines, Lord’s Dry Gin, Monsieur Pascal Sparkling Wine and Calypso Liqueur.

Cost Savings Per Bulk Purchase 

Customers who walk into the Ota Store to get a set of 6 cans of either Guinness Extra Stout, Smirnoff Ice, or Smirnoff Double Black will save ₦60 on each can just for buying in sets. These cost savings extend to Cussons Dishwashing Liquid, Kotex Sanitary Pads and Nivea’s 50ml Roll-on for Men, but for sets of 2. Overall, the more you buy, the more you save.

Special Drink Mixer Deal 

For each 700ml bottle of Jack Daniels a customer buys, they will save ₦2000, and in addition, get two cans of coke for free. What this means is that you can get your favourite whiskey without worrying about the extra cost of mixers to dilute it.

Buy and Win Offer From Huggies 

Baby items are notorious for costing the entire GDP of countries, but Shoprite Nigeria is here to reward you for purchasing anyway. Nursing mothers and baby lovers stand a special chance to win prizes by simply purchasing any size of Huggies baby diapers in the activation from the diaper brand which will run for the 2-week duration of the promo at the Shoprite Ota Store.

Free New Product Samples and More Freebies 

Indomie and Kelloggs are part of the brands that plan to storm the Ota Store with their brand mascots and product samples for customers to try out and possibly buy. Customers can expect to taste new products or experience new ways of enjoying the products they are already used to. In addition to this interesting opportunity, Power Oil and toothpaste brand, Colgate plan to offer customers free health and dental checks respectively.

Also, Shoprite’s new owners plan to give customers more regular offers for bulk purchases made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each month with their ‘bulk sales’ day offer.

If you have crucial supplies that need stocking in the next week, now is the time to take advantage of all the deals Shoprite Ota has to offer. It’s the perfect opportunity!

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