BBNaija Season 6: Winners of Glover task Rewarded with $3500 (Details+Pics)

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The Big Brother Naija housemates were given a task on Saturday. The task which is courtesy of Associate Sponsor PATRICIA, was set up to test Housemate’s courage and cognitive ability with the spotlight being on the Glover App. Glover App is a Gift-cards and Digital Assets service.

The presentation was to be done in groups therefore, a box containing different colours of cards were provided with each Housemate picking one card from the box without peeping inside. The colours were Blue, Pink, Green, Orange and a fifth colour— Black.

Housemates who picked identical cards automatically became a team.for the duration of the task. In total there were four teams with each containing five Housemates each. Housemates who picked any other colour apart from Black would participate in the task while those who chose the colour black, would be exempted from the task and become Biggie’s assistants during the task.

After picking up cards from the box, the housemates fell into the following team;
Blue Team: Maria, Tega, Boma, Jackie B, Princess.
Pink Team: Saskay, Emmanuel, Niyi, Arin, JayPaul.
Green Team: Nini, Angel, Cross, Perrie, Sammie.
Orange Team: Beatrice, Liquorose, Yerins, Saga, Peace

Whitemoney and Yousef picked the black cards and were automatically excused from partaking in the task and promptly assumed their position as Biggie’s assistants.


The task was divided into 2 parts with the first part focused on each group making a 5 minutes presentation promoting the use of gift cards as part of the gifting culture of the average Nigerian, and how adopting gift cards can improve relationships.


Housemates were instructed to put together a 5 minute presentation for the first part of the task. The presentation could be in the form of drama, music, or poetry. The first team to give their presentation was done by Team Blue, followed by Team Pink, Team Green, and finally Team Orange.


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The Housemates took a short break after which the second part of the task started. The second part of the game involved different games that happened over six different rounds. The games played in the second part include;

“The more you see, the less you know”
“Drop the Stick”.
Party flop.
Canon ball.
Ping Pong game.

“Drop the stick” was played by members of teams together, while every other game was played only with representatives from each team.

A brief was later given to the HoH containing the results of the game. The first round saw Team Pink emerge as winners with a total of 8 points. Teams Blue and Orange scored 6 points respectively while Team Green scored only 3 points.

Team Pink also came out with the highest points in the second round with 59 points. Team Orange had 31 points, while Teams Green and Blue garnered 35 and 40 points respectively.
The overall points scored by each team are as follows:
Team Orange – 37 points
Team Blue – 41 points
Team Green – 43 points.
Team Pink – 67 points.
Team Pink which includes Jaypaul, Saskay, Arin, Niyi and Emmanuel were awarded with three thousand five hundred dollars to be shared amongst themselves. Biggie’s assistants aka Team Black were also to get a share in the reward.


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