‘Every day, I read horrible comments about my voice’ – DJ Cuppy opens up on being bullied

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Nigerian Singer and Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy Otedola has opened up on how she gets bullied on social media.

According to DJ Cuppy, she receives lots of negative comments about her voice and music on social media. Speaking further, the 28-year-old said people constantly condemned her and told her to stick to DJ-ING instead.

The billionaire’s daughter however pleaded with her fans to listen to her album and share their honest review, stating clearly that she does not want to be bullied.

Taking to Instagram to say this, Cuppy wrote;

“Everyday, I read horrible comments about my voice, constantly telling me to “stick” to DJing. The truth is most people that “hate” my music, have NEVER bothered listening to my Album #OriginalCopy With open ears and 29 mins to spare, please give it an HONEST listen, THEN after that, you’re more than welcome to provide feedback! Cyber Bullying to “fit in” isn’t cool, please have an opinion of your own.”


Reacting to this,

Cuppy’s father, @femiotedola wrote “How do you criticise music when you’re not the one playing it.”

@desolaaa wrote “Sorry about the bullying love. But you should stick to dj’ing”

@cakesbyteju wrote “But they’re not lying now”

@ifeanyi_okerre wrote “She is a million times correct…this people just follow the band wagon”

@vvito_corleone wrote “As an artist, you singles are an indication of how good or bad the rest of the songs in your album will sound. If the singles you have are this unpleasant to the ears, why would I bother wasting 29mins to listen to the rest of your songs?”

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