Nancy Isime, Uti and VJ Adams Are Bringing All The Excitement To Football Fans With The Heineken UCL Challenge!

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As football fans all over the world unite to protect the beautiful game, Heineken has strengthened the movement’s resolve by announcing the Heineken UCL Challenge, hosted by Nancy Isime, VJ Adams and Uti Nwachukwu.

With the semi-finals kicking off, these celebrities are ramping up their connection with fans and consumers through the challenge. The Heineken UCL Challenge will feature each celebrity host an Instagram Live session on their respective platforms with fans getting the opportunity to dial in, share some banter, participate in a trivia challenge and win prizes, courtesy of Heineken.

Renowned for being a football conversationalist, Uti Nwachukwu has asked fans to get hyped about the upcoming activities from him and his partners. “It’s going to be very exciting!” he said. “Being at the forefront of these exciting football activities has been a breath of fresh air and the Heineken UCL Challenge allows me to do that once more. My fans and followers can expect an enjoyable and hugely rewarding time and I can’t wait to get started!” he concluded.

Nancy Isime, also anticipating her session with her fans and followers, told football fans and followers to “get ready for a truly amazing time.” She will be joined by e-sports fanatic, VJ Adams, who will be hosting a solo Heineken UCL Challenge as well.

Other activities the celebrities will be driving during the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League include the Heineken UCL Trivia Night, in which fans and consumers answer trivia questions for a chance to win exclusive Heineken merchandise and other prizes.

Fans interested in participating have been told to keep tabs on the social media spaces of each celebrity starting April 27 through till May 5.

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