Nigerians Ready to Win Big as Nigerian Breweries Announce Isedowo and Progress Booster

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In a country like Nigeria with over 69.7 million people unemployed, according to Bloomberg, it is not surprising to see a lot of people starting small businesses or learning crafts with which they can earn from, no matter how small. But despite the courage it takes to go these alternate routes, so many of these young enterprising minds still face the hurdle of low capital to grow their businesses or even keep it running smoothly.


This challenge is why Nigerian Breweries launched the Life Progress Booster and Goldberg Isedowo initiatives in 2015 and 2017 respectively. While Progress Booster focuses on empowering entrepreneurs, Isedowo targets artisans with grants to support their craft. Since the launch of these projects, over 750 artisans and businesses have been impacted, receiving grants worth N200,000


Here are four reasons why everyone is excited about the 2021 edition of these programs:


The Post Lockdown Boost for Businesses: Without a doubt, many businesses lost a lot of revenue due to the COVID-19 lockdown, with some business owners even depending on their business capitals to feed. Most of such affected businesses will be banking on the Progress Booster initiative to get them restarted and able to cover for the losses of the last 15 months. The initiative awards up to N200,000 grants which will be a huge boost to many small businesses in South Eastern Nigeria where it focuses.


The Reward for Hard Work: It will be hard to mention a campaign that has better endorsed hard work among artisans than the Isedowo initiative from Goldberg Lager Beer. In the South Western part of the country where the initiative has mostly rewarded artisans, it has become a seal of approval and encouragement for people to always work hard. With over 100 artisans awarded till date with N3,000,000, more artisans can expect to get support for their craft as the campaign begins next week.


The Expansion to More Nigerian States: Last year, Progress Booster went beyond the usual Southern states where it has mostly awarded its grant to support some businesses in Lagos, Benue and more. This year, more businesses in various states outside the South-East and South-West regions will be hoping to be a part of the empowerment programs.


The Additional Experiential Events: Life Lager and Goldberg have been known to roll out these programs with extra entertainment for other consumers and this year is expected to be the same, as some of these events see attendees win exciting prizes. This year, interested participants can submit their business plans at the various event venues.

As the projects roll out this weekend and next, all fingers are crossed for who the new grant winners will be.Consumers can follow Goldberg_ng and Lifelager_ng on Social media for further details on how to win the grants.

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