BBNaija S7: Round Up Of Week 3

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Beauty BBnaija

Day 16: Disqualification and evictions

One of the housemates on the show, Beauty Tukura, was evicted from the show. This was after she had an altercation with another contestant, Groovy. The week before, she had got a strike for her ‘fight’ with Ilebaye over Groovy.

Shortly after her disqualification, two new housemates— Chizzy and Rachel— were ushered into the house. According to Big Brother, the new housemates would be known as ‘The Riders’ and they will stay till the end of the game, without being eligible to win the cash prize, though the actual housemates are not aware of this.

Two housemates from the Level 2 house— Cyph and Christy O— became the first contestants to be evicted in this edition of the show.

Day 17: Adekunle becomes Head of House

Housemates in the Level Two house engaged in a discussion about the three people from their house who are no longer in the game.

Meanwhile, Chomzy seemed to be confused about her stance with Eloswag, especially after he kissed Phyna. He noted that he needs a very sure and positive response from Chomzy before blocking everyone out emotionally. Allyson is also in a quandary, as she stated that she is more attracted to Deji than Adekunle.

Later in the day, Adekunle became the Head of House after scoring 25 points in the game. As the new HOH, he nominated, Bryan, Groovy, Ilebaye, Khalid and Phyna for eviction.

Day 18: House switch

Housemates in the Level Two house were moved to Level One, and vice versa. While the latter were excited by the development, the former were not so pleased about it.

In a relay cooking task that took place later in the evening, Level Two housemates showcased their cooking skills.

Day 19: Level Two housemates ruminate on loss

The consistent losses of the Level Two housemates left them with many unanswered questions.

Nominated housemates— Bryan, Groovy, Ilebaye, Khalid and Phyna— talked to Biggie about how they felt being put up for eviction. While Bryan, Groovy, Khalid and Phyna felt they were put up for nomination because other housemates consider them to be threats, Ilebaye stated that it felt strange to be up for eviction. According to her, she will enjoy the week like it is her last.

Day 20: Amaka overcomes fear

Amaka opened up to Big Brother about her stage fright. She noted that she was not usually confident enough when it came to tasks and presentations. Biggie advised her to stop focusing on the audience but on the task at hand. The advice seemed to have paid off as she went on to win the prize for the best presentation in the day’s cooking game.

Meanwhile, Bella and Shegz’s ‘ship’ seems to be one of the few in the house that is going on fine. Shegz accused Bella of being selfish in their ‘ship’ and not apologising to him if she does something wrong.

Day 21: Housemates hit runway

The task for the day was centred around fashion, arts and craft. Housemates were told to make Gen-Z-inspired fashion pieces, using ankara material.

The Level One housemates decided what level would start the game, a privilege they got due to their last win. They chose the Level Two housemates to hit the runway first.

After the show, Big Brother acknowledged Phyna, Allyson, Hermes, Chichi and Modella for their outstanding performances. The Level Two housemates eventually won the task.

Day 22: Looming betrayal

Groovy and Phyna were in a romance frenzy the night before when Phyna passed the night on his bed. This came as a surprise because Phyna’s friend, Amaka, had told her about her attraction to Groovy. This made Amaka to keep a distance from Phyna. Despite that, the duo had a fight while cleaning the house for the Hypo task.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with Phyna, Groovy recounted his ‘relationship’ with Beauty in the house, stating that he will not continue the relationship outside the house.

As usual, housemates later shook off their worries as they grooved and bonded during the Saturday night party.


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