Ladies Call out Bae U for Demanding Sex for Roles in Comedy Skits

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Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi popularly known as BaeU Barbie, Isbae U or just BaeU by teeming fans, is under fire for allegedly demanding sex from ladies before featuring them in his skits.

Comedian skit maker Bae U is trending on social media right now after some ladies opened up to a popular blog about his sexual escapades. These anonymous ladies claim that the skit maker wanted to sleep with them and deployed all tactics before he would agree to feature them in any of his videos.

For those who did not want to feature in his skit, Bae U would be in their DM’s sending inappropriate requests, which include photos of his manhood.

Popular comedian Bae U is currently a buzzing topic of discussion on social media after some ladies claimed that he had asked to sleep with them just to be in his interesting skits. A popular blog had received screenshots of evidence as well as encounters with Bae from the ladies who dared to speak up .

Some of these ladies shared screenshots of their conversations with Bae U especially the moments he asked and begged for inappropriate videos and photos.

Others who went ahead to indulge the comedian also shared video evidence of Bae U basking in the euphoria of the moment.


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