9th AMVCAs Nominated Series Streaming On Showmax

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9th AMVCAs Nominated Series Streaming On Showmax

9th AMVCAs Nominated Series Streaming On Showmax

The countdown to the ninth Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards is officially on. African streaming platform, Showmax is the place to watch some of the AMVCA-nominated series and shows, which include Showmax originals.


Showmax Originals from Nigeria – The Real Housewives of Lagos, Crime and Justice Lagos, Diiche, Flawsome and Wura – have been nominated for 22 awards in nine categories, including Best TV Series and Best Director. This is Showmax’s best performance at the awards so far.


Here are some of the AMVCA-nominated series and shows you can watch on Showmax this weekend based on the categories:


  • Flawsome and Wura –  Best Actress In A Drama

Flawsome is an emotionally charged series that tracks the lives of four close friends in their thirties and delves into their unique personalities and the obstacles they encounter while navigating their romantic relationships, professional pursuits, and personal growth.


Ini-Dima Okojie got nominated for her role as Ramat, a married middle-class social activist who takes care of abused girls while navigating a not-so-perfect life.


Wura, on the other hand, is a captivating series that explores the untold story of the gold mining industry in the Iperindo community of Osun state. Wura Adelee-Amoo is a perfect wife, loving mother and the ruthless iron lady and CEO of Frontline Gold Mine who would do anything to protect her family and business, even if it is at the expense of the lives of the town’s citizens.


With her flawless portrayal of the titular character, Wura, it’s no surprise that Scarlet Gomez is also up for Best Actress in a Drama, Movie or TV Series at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.


  • Covenant and Itura – Best Original Telenovela

With their masterful storytelling and engrossing plotlines, Covenant and Itura definitely deserve a spot on the nominations list.


Covenant delves into the dark world of politics, power, and corruption. The series captures the essence of political drama, delivering a suspenseful and captivating viewing experience. Itura, however, is a gripping story of love, family, and tradition. The series follows the story of a young woman torn between her duty to her family and her desire for personal fulfilment.


  • Off Air With Gbemi and Toolz – Best Unscripted Original

With a variety of guests and topics, we love that this vodcast made it to this year’s AMVCA nomination list The OffAir show is a casual talk show featuring the most hilarious and frank conversations about hot topics from entertainment to parenting and everything in between.


Join Gbemi and Toolz for the latest in entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and juicy gossip. The show is perfect for anyone looking for quality and engaging conversations.


  • My Flatmates, My Siblings and I, The Johnsons – Best Original Comedy Series

My Flatmates is a hilarious series that follows the lives of four young adults as they navigate the challenges of living together. With their quirky personalities, viewers are in for a hilarious time.


My Siblings and I is a comedic masterpiece that revolves around the lives of four siblings and their hilarious antics. From sibling rivalries to outrageous pranks, “My Sibling and I” delivers endless laughter.


Lastly, The Johnsons is a rib-cracking series that explores the daily lives of an average Nigerian family. The show features relatable characters and hilarious situations that highlight the quirks and idiosyncrasies of family life. These three shows demonstrate the vibrant and hilarious Nigerian entertainment industry.


  • Ricordi, The Rishantes and Unmarried – Best Original Drama Series

Ricordi is a captivating drama series that explores the themes of love, family, and betrayal. The series follows the life of a young woman who is trapped in a love triangle.


The Rishantes is a drama series that centres around two wealthy families and their battles for love, power, and control. Unmarried is an equally fascinating drama series that delves into the lives of three young women as they navigate the ups and downs of life.


These three drama series feature outstanding casts, compelling storylines, and breathtaking cinematography, and It is no surprise that they have been nominated for the prestigious AMVCA awards.


  • Crime and Justice Lagos and Diiche – Best Art Director And Best Lighting Designer

Crime and Justice Lagos is a gritty crime series that explores the world of law enforcement in Nigeria. The series set and lighting create a moody and atmospheric backdrop that adds to the realistic portrayal of crime in Lagos.


Diiche is a visually stunning series that showcases the beauty of Nigerian culture and traditions. Directed by James Omokwe, the psychological drama follows the life of a popular actress, Diiche, who becomes a prime suspect in the murder investigation of her fiance.


These two series immerse viewers in the rich Nigerian culture and heritage and we love that they are on the nominations list.


  • The Real Housewives of Lagos – Best Costume Designer

The Real Housewives of Lagos follows the lives of six influential women living in one of Africa’s biggest cities, sharing a glimpse into their glamorous lives and is synonymous with drama.


Apart from its drama, the show is also known for its extravagant wardrobe. With all six women stunning in glamorous and authentic outfits in every episode of its 14-week run, it’s only fair that the show earns a nod.


Prepare for an exciting weekend of binge-watching as you follow the lives of your favourite characters in some of the best African series and shows on Showmax.


Sign up at www.showmax.com for as low N1,200 for Showmax mobile.


Don’t forget to vote for your favourites in the 9th AMVCAs.  Voting is still on and will close on 12 May at 21:00 WAT.

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