Alex and Cee-C fight over #BBNaijaAllStar wager task

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bbnaija all stars alex cee-c fight

Big Brother Naija ‘All Stars’ housemates Alex and Cee-C brought back memories of their 2019 brawl after the pair engaged in a heated argument over the wager task presentation script Alex wrote.

Although, Alex and Ceec have since moved on after the famous quarrel that ensued between them, during the show, with Cee-C apologizing and reconciling with Alex at the reunion, another fight ensued today.

The heated conversation started after Alex called out CeeC, Uriel, and Angel for not fully participating and being involved in the execution process after giving their negative reviews for her scriptwriting.

Uriel gave a negative review and CeeC followed suit with the same sentiment which frustrated Alex as she defended her creative choices.

Alex expressed her displeasure at the disapproval and mentioned that the housemates were openly revoking her instead of constructive criticisms and offering solutions.

Uriel corrected the perception because she felt it came out as aggressive and she was not discrediting her work.

Cee-C also tried to defend herself by stating that she commended Alex for the ‘amazing’ script but noted that it is not a ‘story’.

Alex said she wanted constructive criticism rather than the housemates’ open disapproval and not contributing to the task.

Cee-c retorted and accused Alex of unfairly criticizing her.

As the tension escalated, Alex got frustrated by the remarks and continued to criticize Cee-C for “destroying her work.”

The show has officially begun. Your favourite housemates are back in Biggie’s house, and we can’t wait to see all the fun and drama unfold throughout the season.


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