#BBNaijaAllstars: “I stood up for Ilebaye and she turned back to insult me” – Alex

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In the midst of the intense dynamics within the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) house, tensions and disagreements often arise, and the latest rift making headline involves housemates Alex and Ilebaye.

Alex recently confided in fellow housemate Cross about her strained relationship with Ilebaye, expressing her frustration over what she perceives as sneaky and provocative behaviour.

During their conversation, Alex spoke on the reasons behind her growing discomfort with Ilebaye and hinted that she might be distancing herself from their once-friendly bond to prevent potential regrets outside the house.

Her grievances were from several incidents, including Ilebaye’s conduct during Doyin’s eviction on Sunday and an incident involving CeC’s makeup foundation.

One of the sources of tension appears to be Ilebaye’s behaviour during Doyin’s departure from the BBNaija house.

According to Alex, Ilebaye’s actions and words left her feeling insulted and disheartened, making her question the authenticity of their friendship. The disagreement during such an emotional moment in the house added to the strain between the two.

Additionally, Alex also mentioned a separate incident involving CeC’s makeup foundation, which escalated when Ilebaye allegedly damaged it and subsequently denied any involvement. This incident further strained their relationship, as Alex found it difficult to overlook the actions and lies.

Let’s recall that former housemate Doyin, while she was still in the house had previously suggested that Ilebaye might be playing a strategic game.

Doyin pointed out that Ilebaye’s behaviour had noticeably changed since her participation in the previous season of “Level Up.”

She expressed regret at initially dismissing Whitemoney’s earlier warning about Ilebaye’s game-playing tactics, realizing that she may have been deceived.


One bubuogie had this to say,

“This is why Nigeria is where it is…everyone that has ever been close to Baye has complained about her and then we are all applauding her…It’s alright…we will continue to see shege cos this is exactly what is playing out in our govt”

One queenb0222 had this to say,

“JESUSIf Alex could say this about baye. That means baye is actually the problem cus Alex fought almost everyone for baye”

One thestudentconnectv had this to say,

“What Ilebaye does to Alex and the housemates doesn’t make sense at all. Lemme bless llebaye with votes so she can change”

One barbiesfy had this to say,

“Am glad Alex vindicated ceec dat baye misuse her make up n she doesn’t have d decency to apologise to Ceec n her fans were trolling ceec ( 6  .. Last season she nearly k//ed modella cos she use her aboki Edge control now she did worst”

One laspice_ had this to say,God HAS VINDICATED DOYIN AGAIN. Unna go learn by fire by force …Nigerians and pity vote. As I take learn never to ever carry anybody matter for head again. Eventually we all learn the hard way”

One sparkle_baabie had this to say,

“The only reason everyone is aving issues with ilebaye is simply bcos they’re all communicating with her from the view of their not her mate, so hence any gestures she makes or choice of words she uses becomes insulting, if these ppl all engage her like they are all age mate in these game, we will hear less of ilebaye this and that”

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