#BBNaijaAllStars: Soma Becomes Head of House as Pardon Me Please Nomination Ends In A Tie For The First Time Ever

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Another Monday, another HOH game, Black Envelope search and nomination show, on Big Brother Naija All-Stars. After five gruelling hours of solving the Big Brother eye puzzle, Soma won the game with a record time of 5 minutes 10 seconds.

During the contest, Biggie called the housemates into the arena one at a time and announced that the person with the shortest time would be the week’s head of house. At the start of the game, each housemate had 10 minutes to use their face to uncover a bowl filled with a concoction to get a number combination. On finding the three numbers, they are to use them to get a key from the chest to access the Big Brother eye puzzle, which they had studied earlier before the game.

After 11 housemates had taken a turn, Big Brother announced that the Head of House game would pause for a while so that they could play the Black Envelope game. As usual, Biggie’s gong signalled the housemates to look for the envelopes hidden around the house. Big Brother noted that the house guests should not participate in the game. Doyin, Angel and Cross found the different black envelopes. Doyin won a home-cooked meal, Cross won a pizza box, and Angel received no immunity.

Afterwards, the HOH game continued, with CeeC, Ilebaye, Pere, and Whitemoney trying to win the game. Those in the second batch only received six minutes, as Big Brother noted that some of the first housemates set the 6-minute record. Sadly, no one in the second set managed to finish in the six-minute time Big Brother set.

At the game’s end, Biggie announced Soma as the Head of House. Hence he has the privilege of choosing four BFFs. He picked Adekunle, Alex, Seyi and Angel to join him in the private HOH quarters. The HoH announcement led to the ‘Pardon Me Please’ game.

The game does not allow housemates to state their names and the head of house’s name. They can only nominate one person. There will only be one winner. If there is no clear winner, Big Brother will declare the game inconclusive as he will not recognise a tie. For the first time ever, the nominations ended in a tie as Cross and Angel received seven nominations each while Mercy, pere and Ilebaye received one nod. It means every other housemate apart from the head of house Soma are up for possible eviction this week.

The housemates’s continuity in the game depends on the viewers’ votes, and voting portals are now open until 9 pm on Thursday. Viewers can now breathe a sigh of relief as Big Brother has abolished the jury, and the power is now solely back in the viewers’ hands. Viewers can vote via the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps, mobile or website. Depending on their subscription, all DStv subscribers are liable to up to 10,000 votes (Prestige subscribers) or as little as 200 votes. GOtv subscribers, on the other hand, get between 200 and 750 votes (GOtv Supa+) based on their subscription.

Until the eviction show on Sunday, viewers can enjoy BBNaija All-Stars on the 24/7 channel – DStv ch. 198 and GOtv ch. 49. Remember, if you are away from home and don’t want to miss a minute of the action, you can catch up with your favourite All-Star housemates on the DStv app or Showmax. For more information about the show and programming, visit https://www.dstv.com/africamagic/en-ng/show/big-brother-naija.

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