#BBTitans Finale: Keep an Eye on These Formidable Contenders

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With less than two weeks to go, the remaining 12 Housemates in the Big Brother Titans House face their biggest test yet in their quest for the ultimate prize of 100 thousand dollars. Out of these 12 Housemates, 8 face their moment of destiny this night, as they face possible eviction having been nominated on Monday.

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The big surprise

South African Housemate, Ipeleng is already home and dry in the finale, having won the supreme veto power. With her veto wand, she had the power to save one Housemate to join her in the finale. And to so many people, the obvious choice was Nigerian Blaqboi who was her partner during the pairing period but she shocked everyone when she elected to save another Nigerian, Ebubu, leaving her partner, Blaqboi and her closest friend in the House, Tsatsii to their fates.

Of course, Ipeleng wasn’t all too happy about her decision. During her Diary Session with Biggie, she broke down and tearfully told Biggie that her plan had been to choose her partner, Blaqboi or her friend Tsatsii. She said while she was making her decision she got cold feet and opted for Ebubu instead, albeit unprovoked.

Interestingly, Blaqboi won the Head of House privileges after the Monday task to save himself the ordeal of tonight’s eviction blues.

Housemates hanging in the balance

Ipeleng, Ebubu and Blaqboi are immune from tonight’s eviction drama. Blue Aiva, Kanaga Jnr, Khosi, Miracle, Nana, Thabang, Tsatsii and Yvonne are all up for eviction while Justin will be an onlooker and on easy street with Ipeleng, Ebubu and Blaqboi.

From last week’s Diary Room nominations, we learned Miracle OP was the most nominated as he was nominated 5 times by fellow Housemates. Next was Kanaga Jnr, who had 4 nominations followed by the trio of Yvonne, Khosi, and Blue Aiva who had 3 nominations. Tsatsii, Nana and Thabang got 2 nominations each.

The strong contenders

For the women, it is hard not to admire both Blue Aiva and Khosi for the money, regardless of their being nominated for eviction tonight. The duo have been to the eviction hell and back many times. And for the men, Kanaga Jnr may be flying aloft the Nigerian flag with a little help from Blaqboi. Thabang, however, is the favourite of many viewers of the show.

Ebubu, being the first albino on the show is pretty much a dark horse who may get to the finish line for his wit, guile and plenty of sympathy votes.

Ipeleng is already in the finale, but her chances of winning the money are not so bright, so is Nana, Yvonne, Tsatsii or Justin.

It would be a miracle for Miracle OP to escape the eviction hammer tonight, but then he has been a sly fellow with an uncanny knack for survival.

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