#BBTitans: Juicy Jay, Yvonne’s first kiss [Video]

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BBTitans housemates Juicy Jay and Yvonne had their first kiss last night.

Since the lovebirds met on the show, they have been drawn to one another.

Juicy had revealed to Yvonne that he liked Ipeleng, but it appears that he likes her more.

The lovers enjoyed a long, passionate kiss on Tuesday’s night while conversing in the dressing room.

On the Internet, their kiss has caused a lot of chatter as people express their dismay at Yvonne.

Yvonne had earlier stated that she does not want any romance in the BBTitans house while claiming that she only wanted to focus on her brand.

The 28-year-old seems to have officially left the brand building, and instead bought a ticket on the Titanic ship with Juicy.

Juicy said, “I didn’t see you at all this afternoon today.”

Yvonne replied,” I was preparing for my task.”

Juicy added,” You didn’t even say hi to me.”

Yvonne, replied, “I did say hi to you.”

Juicy, “When I called you and told you I missed you.”


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