#BBTitans: Team Royals Reclaim Their Crowns As They Win HOH Title For A Second Time; But Join The Eviction List In A Game Twist By Biggie

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Team Royals Reclaim Their Crowns As They Win HOH Title For A Second Time; But Join The Eviction List In A Game Twist By Biggie

Good evening housemates, and welcome to this week’s Head of House challenge” Another Monday, another signature greeting from Big Brother.


As usual, the winner of the HOH challenge determines the HOH for the week and their special privileges, including immunity from evictions and access to the HOH bedroom. Still, on tradition, team Yelisa was exempted from the evening’s challenge.


The seventh-week HOH challenge had two rounds. The first round had both team members play Pick, Draw, and Drop. One of the playing duos had to play the ball fetcher while the other played the ball dropper.


The rule was to have the fetcher pick a coloured ball and give it to their blindfolded partner to drop through a pipe of the same colour. The players get 50 points for each red ball, 30 for green, 20 points for blue, and one point for yellow balls. They also had to be standing on a designated yellow footprint before directing the catcher on ways to drop the ball.



The team with the most points proceeded to the second round. After two minutes of play, Teams Royals and Blaqleng emerged with 201 and 220 points each. Team Juiovla’s poor performance during the first game round got them the honour of being this week’s ‘Tails of House’ badge and the signature feather tail.


The second game, tagged “A game of luck”, had both qualified teams pray to win Lady Luck’s favour as one of the two playing teams had to pick a silver dome hiding different objects from plain sight. Each dome had a symbol, but the one with an envelope determined the new HOH. After two trials from Teams Blaqleng and Royals, Tsatsii picked the right one and returned the Royals to the coveted position of heads of house for a second time.


In a new twist, following Tatsii’s infractions in what Biggie referred to as ‘conspiracy’ to skew nominations, the veto power and immunity that come with the head of house win was revoked Team Royals’ veto power to save and replace. Biggie went on to add the Royal to the list of housemates up for possible eviction bringing the list this week to teams: Yelisa, Juiovla, Kaniva, Khosicle and Royals.


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For more information about Big Brother Titans, visit www.dstv.com/africamagic/en-ng/page/big-brother-titans. Fans can also catch the show anywhere across Sub-saharan Africa, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland on Showmax.


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