#BBTitans: Yemi confronts Thabang about games with Nelisa, Khosi

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Big Brother Titans, #BBTitans housemate, Yemi Cregx has confronted Thabang over his friendship with Nelisa and Khosi.

The BBTitans’ drama appeared to never end, seeing a rapid pace of change when a new love triangle emerges.

Yemi Cregz was seen speaking with Thabang about Nelisa, his partner, and Khosi after the party last night.

This happened after Nelisa informed Yemi that she saw Thabang leap on Blue Aiva after their private moment, and minutes later, as if that weren’t enough, she discovered Khosi in Thabang’s bed.

Nelisa, with burning tears, revealed her problem to Nana and Yemi.

Yemi, angered by the news, immediately made her way downstairs to demand that Thabang behave himself.

In the viral clip, Khosi was seen making her way to Yemi, who seemed really angry with Khosi, while he ordered her not to come close to him.

Yemi, on the other hand, confronted Thabang, claiming he knew he was with Khosi, yet he was having a thing with her behind him.

Yemi told Khosi: “Khosi, please don’t come close to me.”

Yemi confronted Thabang, saying, “I’m not a kid; I know you are fucking with Khosi.

“I’m not a kid, but bro, I need you to respect the fact that I’m with Khosi and Nelisa likes you.”

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