“Come Out With Your Full Chest and Sell”: Dan Dizzy Tackles Caramel Plugg Over Her Take on Men, Video Trends

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Over the last few days, a podcast hosted by skit maker Caramel Plugg and two other ladies talking about relationships and dating went viral and stirred reactions online.

Caramel Plugg bashed by Dan Dizzy

In the podcast, Caramel and her colleagues posited that women should put a price on their bodies before allowing a man to sleep with them

Dan Dizzy, in reacting to the viral clip, has slammed the ladies by saying they should declare themselves as street workers

In the realm of social media, a recent episode of the Rants, Bants and Confessions podcast hosted by Caramel Plugg has ignited a flurry of discussions and provoked strong reactions from both celebrities and fans. The podcast segment, which gained viral attention in the past few days, delves into the topic of women putting a value on their bodies and exclusively seeking partners who are willing to fulfill their every need. Join us as we delve into the captivating and contentious conversation that has captivated online audiences.

Photos of Dan Dizzy and Caramel Plugg and Lydia

Since the release of the controversial podcast episode, audiences have been buzzing with excitement. Celebrities and fans alike have chimed in, offering their perspectives and engaging in spirited debates sparked by Caramel Plugg and her friends’ bold opinions. The discussions have been intense, with major clap backs and thought-provoking arguments taking center stage.

Within the podcast, Caramel Plugg and her friends express the belief that women should assign a monetary value to their bodies and only engage in relationships with men who are willing to take complete responsibility for their every need. This provocative stance challenges societal norms and raises important questions about self-worth and the dynamics of relationships in the modern world.


One of the ladies, Lydia, tried to send home her point by comparing humans and animals. She noted even animals put a “price on their v*gina.

The clip from the podcast has sparked numerous reactions from netizens. Some of those taking the fight to these young ladies are young male celebrities like Buju BNXN, Sabinus and rapper Dan Dizzy.

He also noted that the mentality being portrayed in the podcast lacks solid grounds, instead, it portrays the ladies in a horrible light.

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