Trending Sound: ELLU P ft. OBIDIENTS

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Whether it is pronounced ELLU P, ELU P or LP, they all mean the same thing! ELLU P is a stylized pronunciation of the acronym of the Nigerian political party  – Labour Party, (LP) backed by the youth populace.

There is a trending sound online that has been worked on by several African DJs, making it a trendy party hit that grows on you after the first listen.


West Africa’s most populous Nation Nigeria held her presidential elections on the 25th of February 2023 and it had the most social media coverage recorded in the country’s history. It also recorded the largest number of youth voter registration in the nation’s history.

The youngest of the three front-running parties, Peter Obi is the presidential candidate for Labour Party(LP), which up until 9 months ago didn’t really generate any buzz on a national level, hence the talk by the more experienced presidential candidates from the older parties claiming Ellu P didn’t have any structure and wasn’t a threat. They weren’t totally wrong as it was later evident that the Labour Party didn’t even have ‘strong’ party agents at all the polling units, nor could they give monetary incentives days to the election like other parties did.


Election day came and votes were cast. It was then time for voters to stay back and ‘protect’ their votes – watch the vote count and successful upload and transmission of the voting result to the Live INEC portal.

For a structureless party LP or ELLU P, surprised most people with the way they won most Senatorial and House of Rep Seats and even a lot of States in presidential polls as well.

It was during the vote counting at one of the polling units, that an excited Nigerian was seen on camera singing the vote figures as they were being called out.



This video was spread wide on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram and a few DeeJays jumped on it and made it a party Jam. Singer turned Blogger Tunde Ednut made the video quite popular on instagram. So popular that some people reached out to the young man in the video and showered him with love.

See the Original video below

Shout out to the DJs that came through!

Here’s the DJ MrKlebbeatz version… Trend this sound 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #afambia #fyp #trending #foryou #explore ♬ original sound – Peterobi hypeman

Heré’s DJ Wysei’s version below

@commissioner_djwysei Elu Pee 🤣🤣 see you all in court ✈️✈️ #commissionerdjwysei #drummer #queen #fyp #entertainer #obidient #obidients #remember #idontcare ♬ original sound – Commissioner Dj Wysei




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