Five Reasons We Are Excited To See Ebuka-Obi Uchendu and Lawrence Maleka Host #BBTitans Debut Season Together

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The highly-anticipated brand-new edition of Big Brother, BBTitans, is almost here, and everyone is slowly counting down. Titans will see BBNaija and BBMzansi coming together as one ‘GIANT’ show will have both countries’ hosts on stage together.

Six-time Big Brother Naija host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu will join forces with Lawrence Maleka, who hosted Big Brother Mzansi for the first time last year. Both men have charted great successes in their careers.

They are one of the most popular media personalities in their countries, so we are excited to see them run things together.

Here are five reasons why we are excited to see Ebuka-Obi Uchendu and Lawrence Maleka host BBTitans together:

1. Double the banterEbuka and Lawrence each know how to banter individually, but when you put both of them, you can expect better banter that will see both men bouncing ideas, shades, and even information off of each other.

2. Double dose of hotness: There’s something about seeing tall, gorgeous and sexy men on stage and holding a microphone, but BBTitans is comfortably giving us two at once. Ebuka and Lawrence are both very sexy men with the charisma of Yorba demons. So, we can bet that watching them will be one of this his season’s biggest highlights.

3. Double the table shakingEbuka is the undisputed king of table-shakers on Nigeria TV. Lawrence also knows a few things about shaking tables and disturbing the peace. The BBTitans housemates better hold on tight to their various tables this season as fans enjoy watching Ebuka and Lawrence disrupt the peace and give them raw drama!

4. More fashion inspirationEbuka and Lawrence have a great fashion sense. While Ebuka almost always looks like he’s stepping out of a fashion magazine, Lawrence maintains a more laid-back style. Yet, both men always look like models strutting down the runway. Ebuka has donned outfits that represent several different Nigerian tribes over the year. We expect that to continue with Titans and for Lawrence to show off some South African tribe fits too.

5. Funny dancing and some bromance: Neither men are great dancers, but they do their bests. Live audiences at the studio in South Africa will have the time of their lives during ad breaks. Beyond that, we hope Lawrence and Ebuka bond so we can have plenty of heartwarming ‘bromance’ moments watching them.

Whatever Ebuka-Obi Uchendu and Lawrence Maleka get up to, we know that we are in for the most dramatic and entertaining Big Brother season yet, and we can’t wait!

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