“Get some rest king” Davido stands with Rema amidst musical break

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Davido Supports Rema

Nigerian music icon Davido has extended his support to fellow artist Rema during a challenging period in his career.

Rema, facing health issues due to relentless touring, has decided to pause his performances for December. Davido praised Rema’s accomplishments, reminding him of the pride he brings to Africa and the world. Davido resonated with the difficulties of being a music superstar, acknowledging the physical and mental toll it takes.

Rema’s announcement on Instagram about his break to focus on his health comes after years of non-stop touring. He expressed the necessity of this hiatus for recuperation, aiming for a robust comeback in 2024. Davido encouraged Rema to take the needed rest and reassured him of a stronger return.

In the midst of these developments, Rema has been surrounded by personal and professional controversies. He was recently linked romantically to American singer Justine Skye, sparking widespread speculation. Additionally, Rema has faced rumors about being part of the Illuminati, fueled by imagery in his album and discomfort expressed by concertgoers about the atmosphere at his shows. Rema has categorically denied these allegations, emphasizing his artistic expression and dismissing any connections to Satanism or the Illuminati.

On the other side, Davido has been celebrating a career milestone with his first-ever Grammy nominations. Three of his songs received nods, leading him to share his joy on Twitter with a message that highlighted his perseverance in the industry.

As the year winds down, these developments in the Nigerian music scene underscore the pressures and triumphs of its stars. Davido’s gesture towards Rema not only shows camaraderie but also sheds light on the often unseen struggles of artists in the limelight.


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