‘Joha should have been remixed with me’, Blackface calls out Asake

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Nigerian singer and former Plantainshun Boyz singer, Blackface, has called out Afropop singer Asake and his label boss, Olamide for not reaching out to him over the usage of his work.

Blackface calls out Asake over song theft - davinciblog.ng

Recall Asake released a new single he calls ‘Yoga’ on Monday.

In an interview with HipTV, Blackface claimed that he felt he should have been in the song as some of his lines were used in the song ‘Joha’.

According to him, Joha should have been a remix with him and Asake.

Blackface further stated that if only Olamide had reached out to him, then there would have been a collaboration.

He said, “Listening to the music, the first thing that hit me was just the line. That was the line that I used in my own music. I had already released it in the year, 2020. I had already released that song in an album.

“Though no disrespect because these people have tried to put some work in it, but I feel like it’s all about you realising let’s give credit to who credit his due. You understand. I am not out to put them down. I feel like they are doing it unconsciously.”

He added, “I feel I should be on Asake’s Joha. That should have been a remix with me and him if Olamide had said ‘my boy is vibing to your sound’”.



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