Marvin and Yaya Bid Farewell to The #BBTitans House After 5 Weeks

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Marvin and Yaya Bid Farewell to The BBTitans House In The Fourth Eviction Of The Season

Another week, another time to say goodbye. First, let’s talk about how the Big Brother Titans hosts, Ebuka and Lawrence, gave us fire looks tonight. We loved it!

The hosts started tonight’s eviction show with a recap of last week’s activities, including the Head of House challenge, wager, house tasks, parties, and how the Thabana pair (Thabang and Nana) bagged the new Heads of House position. Lawrence also announced the premiere of Real Housewives of Abuja, currently showing on Showmax, and the nominated housemates up for eviction.

In Ebuka’s usual manner, he ‘shook tables’ in every relationship and situationship. Lawrence asked Ipeleng about her current situation with Lukay (an evicted housemate) to add some spark. He threw a bombshell question asking her to choose between staying in the house to continue in the game or an opportunity to meet her ‘beloved’. Of course, she chose the former.

Afterwards, Lawrence called up the nominated housemates for eviction – Khosicle, Kaniva, Juivola, Maya, Juvone, and Yelisa. He first noted that Khosicle (Khosi and Miracle) survived another week on the chopping block. However, it was the end of the road for Maya (Marvin and Yaya).

In an interview with the Maya pair, Yaya gave an emotional speech about Marvin being the best thing that happened to her in the house, and she is grateful to have worked as a team with him. Meanwhile, Marvin felt he and Yaya had a connection the first day they went into the house, and he was glad to have been paired with her.

When further asked who they expected to have evicted them, they mentioned Kaniva after they put them up for eviction in a ‘save and replace’ move three weeks ago. Surprisingly, Yaya was wrong. Khosicle and Thabana nominated them. Still, Yaya enjoyed watching a clip of her journey in the house and cried one last time on the BBTitans show.

As for Marvin, he spoke about why Kanaiva putting him and Yaya up for eviction was such a touchy subject. He told Ebuka and Lawrence he believed they had formed a genuine connection. He noted that his problem with the move was how early in the game it came. He thought Kanaiva had many other options if Kanaga was honest with their friendship. When asked about his connection in the house with Jaypee, Blue Aiva, and Tsatsii, he deflected by saying he connected with them on different levels, but he would pick Yaya over the other ladies. Lawrence summed up his speech by saying, “Blue is a vibe. Yaya is a wife.”

After affirming that all other housemates were safe, Ebuka noted that he would be absent from next week’s live show. The host will be back in Nigeria to participate in the presidential election. Lawrence Maleka will take on the Titans stage in a solo performance when a new pair of housemates say goodbye to the BBTitans house.

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