Peruzzi denies writing a song for Burna Boy

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Peruzzi song burna boy

Afrobeat artist and songwriter, Peruzzi, recently addressed rumours that he was the mastermind behind one of Burna Boy’s songs during an interaction with a follower.

The follower had claimed that Burna Boy’s hit song was penned by Peruzzi and criticized Burna Boy for allegedly using many songwriters. At the same time, his fans hailed him for his lyrical prowess, referring to them as “lost children.”

The follower also accused Burna Boy of frequently sampling other artists’ songs and warned that Peruzzi might cease to write for him.

In response, Peruzzi emphatically debunked the rumour, asserting that he should not be credited for something he didn’t do, effectively dispelling the speculations about his involvement in writing the song for Burna Boy.

Recall, there were recent reports that Peruzzi had claimed credit for writing songs like “Unavailable” and “Risky” for Davido. In a new freestyle, he showcased his creative genius, but some had credited him as the songwriter for these chart-topping tracks. Critics argued that even if Peruzzi had released and performed these songs himself, they would not have gained the same recognition and fame that Davido brought to them.

It’s worth mentioning that a few months ago, Peruzzi and Davido engaged in playful banter online. During a period of mourning in the music industry following the loss of Mopat, who was signed to a record label associated with Nairamalli, netizens began to criticize other record label owners. Peruzzi, signed to Davido’s DMW, revealed humorously that the only negative thing Davido had done to him was steal his original charger. Davido responded with laughter, indicating that all was well between them.

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