#RHOAbuja Ep 2: Arafa Pulls A Chioma-Laura On Princess Jecoco At Her Drag-Themed Party

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RHOAbuja Ep 2: Arafa Pulls A Chioma-Laura On Princess Jecoco At Her Drag-Themed Party

When she introduced herself as the party girl who loves Jesus, we thought the parties she meant were the soda-drinking-Bible-reading-hallelujah-singing kind, not drag-themed saints-and-sinners ones.

But one should have known we signed up for drama from her blond mohawk. Anyway, this is not exactly a story about Arafa, but about her party in the second episode of the Showmax Original reality series, The Real Housewives of Abuja.

In the last episode, all the girls met at Samantha’s party and in keeping with the Real Housewives tradition, it was Arafa’s turn to have the girls over for a “drag-themed party.” There was plenty of drama about who got an invite or not, but that’s not our focus here.


First off, we didn’t think the other ladies could pull off the theme look but some of them gave us good surprises, especially Princess Jecoco. That woman can dress! But she can also talk sha! And it was through her chatter that we found out that she and Arafa supposedly knew each other before the show.


For Princess, she and Arafa were “acquaintances” from the multiple parties they had attended or met, but Arafa was having none of that. Like deja vu, we watched her pull a Chioma-Laura on Princess and denied knowing her.


As if that wasn’t enough, Princess still carried the I-know-you-know-me tale to Arafa’s party and tabled it before the other ladies, but Arafa still maintained her stance. If looks could choke, Princess Jecoco would have spluttered and coughed from the look the party girl was giving her.


Ahan! Even Laura knew when to drop the topic and stop forming friendships. Anyway, the rest of the party went well, and we enjoyed the pageantry contest, the looks, and the wine.


We are getting close to some real weave-flinging drama from the Real Housewives of Abuja, with the queen of sex and dirty fighting, Jaruma, appearing in episode three.


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