#RHOAbuja: The Chaotic Jaruma Cameo And The Eventful Staycation

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RHOAbuja: The Chaotic Jaruma Cameo And The Eventful Staycation

The Real Housewives are known for throwing fabulous parties. This is one part of their lives on the show they go all out for and, most times try to outdo the last host. However, amid the lovely ambience at the events, good food and drinks, there is always drama.

Drama is an inevitable part of these events, and The Real Housewives of Abuja has been giving us hot. From Samantha’s pink “bond” birthday party to Arafa’s drag queen party, and now to Tutupie’s staycation, neither was void of the expected shade and drama.


Let’s get into some of the dramatic moments from the Staycation:


Samantha and OJ Posharella take late-coming to another level:

Samantha and OJ Posharella might have just taken late coming to a new level. While Samantha may have already claimed her spot as the late-coming queen, no one expected her to still be in her house undressed and welcoming OJ Posharella while the other ladies checked into their rooms at the resort. Just wow!


Host, Tutupie does not like her room:

This situation must have left viewers surprised and wondering. How does the host who set up the staycation and assigned the ladies to their rooms cry about getting the worst room? Like, how does that even happen?

The other ladies were confused as to why Tutupie was crying and complaining about her room. She said her room was nothing to write home about as the host, and she felt disrespected.

Was Tutupie just seeking attention or just being overly dramatic?

The Chaotic Sex Therapist, Jaruma

Jaruma’s cameo appearance in the 3rd episode was nothing short of chaotic. It’s not very much out of character for the ‘sex therapist’ who is also known to be very controversial.

The aphrodisiac connoisseur had arrived to give the ladies a ‘sex therapy’ session. However, things went south pretty fast as she got into a verbal altercation with Princess Jecoco, who was not willing to back down.

The sex therapy session got more “interesting” as Jaruma’s assistant came in to take the ladies on an amateur crash course on how to use “toys”, and the ladies could not hide their disappointments and side comments.

Partying with The Youngins:

Tutupie was determined to ensure the ladies had as much fun as they could and organized a pool party where she brought in some “young blood”. However, the reactions from the ladies were not so pleasant as they felt uncomfortable partying with the young guests whom Comfort described as “her children”.

The host was not turned off as she believed her young friends brought in the energy and made the party lit. She also mentioned she prefers to hang out with young people as they give her good energy.

Okay Tutupie, that is noted.

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