Team Yelisa Wins HOH Challenge In Week Six Of #BBTitans

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Team Yelisa Wins HOH Challenge In Week Six Of Big Brother Titans

It’s week six in Big Brother’s house, and another Monday to determine the sixth head of house. This week, the HOH challenge games consisted of two rounds, and the housemates had to decide who would participate in both games.


For the first game, Biggie set out to test the housemates’ speed and accuracy skills. The arena had five desks and chairs with a dictionary, whiteboard and marker. Beside the chairs were three black buckets filled with different items, including balls and a sack of letters.


For the task, they were to find a twelve-letter word of their choosing in the dictionary and then write it on the whiteboard before looking for the letters in the black bucket. They were to spell the word one letter at a time until it was complete, all within 20 minutes.


To add a twist, when Biggie played the music, they were required to stop their task, go to a designated square and dance and were only allowed to leave the box when the music stopped.


Back to the game, once the word is complete, they must immediately return to their seats and raise their hand. Failure to follow any of the rules would result in disqualification.


To determine the qualified pairs for the next round, the first two to complete the task quickest would proceed to the second game, while the worst-performing set would be the tail of the house.


After 20 minutes of an intense game, Teams Yelisa and Kaniva won the first round and automatically qualified for the second. For the final round, the housemates had to test their geography knowledge.


The participants had two minutes to place the names of the continent and oceans in the correct place on a whiteboard with a world picture. Go back to the bench and take a seat. The first person to finish the game or deliver accurate placements would be declared the winner. At the end of the two-minute task, Team Yelisa emerged as the new Head of House and won all the title’s privileges.


In a typical Big Brother twist, this week’s nominations are fake. No one would be leaving the house in next Sunday’s live eviction. The housemates put up Teams Royals, Thabana, Khosicle, Kaniva, and Juvone for ‘possible eviction’. However, heads of house, Yelisa, saved Team Kaniva and replaced them with Team Blaqleng.


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