What The “Word On The Street” Says About RHOAbuja’s OJ Posharella New Home

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What The “Word On The Street” Says About RHOAbuja’s OJ Posharella New Home

In the latest episode of  Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Abuja, OJ decided to host an Arabian-themed event to celebrate her culture and the Arabian style. She invited a few of the ladies – Arafa, Princess, and Comfort for brunch to introduce them formally to her new home, Casa Posharella.  The ladies were impressed with the house, and OJ was beaming with pride as she showed them around.


After the brunch, OJ gifted the ladies boxed gifts to invite them to her Arabian-themed event. The day of the event arrived, and it was nothing short of spectacular. The venue was beautiful, with fire dances, belly dancers, and musicians entertaining the guests.


However, the drama started when Tutupie cornered Princess at the event and asked her about what happened at OJ’s brunch. Tutupie had missed the brunch, and she wanted to know more about OJ’s new home. Princess gave her details of the house and how beautiful it was, but Tutupie was sceptical. She revealed that she had heard “word on the street” that OJ had been perching all this time and that she had been chased out of her former home.


Tutupie added that she had seen a video, and Princess was shocked to hear this. Princess tried to defend OJ, saying she had spent over N20 million renovating and redecorating her new home, but Tutupie was not convinced. She noted that OJ had lied about everything and that she hadn’t recorded a song despite claiming to be going to the studio.


Princess realized that Tutupie might be right, but she couldn’t say for sure. The ladies continued to enjoy the night, but the drama surrounding OJ’s new home continued to linger in the air. Would the ladies be able to get to the bottom of this, or would OJ’s secrets remain hidden? Only time will tell in the next episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja.

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