Between Hilda Baci and Ama Reginald: BEEF EXPLAINED

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There’s a thin line between love and hate, so they say, and the intensity could go either way. For two celebrated besties, celebrity chef, Hilda Baci and top influencer, Ama Reginald, it appears the sun has set on their friendship as several reports suggest they have fallen apart and are no longer on talking terms.

Several reasons have been put forward by many people as the reason the two friends no longer pick each other’s calls.

The strongest, according to most trending  gossip on social media is an issue of a boyfriend coming between the ride-or-die friends. It is said Ama snatched Hilda’s lover which the latter saw as an act of betrayal.

The fallout between the two was actually made public by a popular hair vendor, Bo Hair who mocked the duo who were also her friends.

In fact BO Hairs called out Ama Reginald for snatching Hilda Baci from her some months ago. In a live Instagram session, Bo Hairs  expressed the hurt of being jilted by Ama Reginald who used to be her friend.

According to the hair vendor, Ama played a fast one on her by removing her from the group and monopolizing her friendship with Hilda Baci.

A few months following the outcry, the two ladies; Ama and Hilda Baci, seem to have fallen out of friendship as it has been rumored that Ama Regina got involved with the boyfriend of the chef.

However, in  a latest development, Ama Reginald’s sister came out to discount the story that her sister could snatch anything that belongs to anyone, saying the Reginalds are not made of such stuff. She said she’s disappointed Hilda hasn’t come out in the open to correct the narrative, hinting it is an act of betrayal on the part of the chef.

Going backward, it was beautiful to behold the kind of bond and love that existed between the two beautiful ladies. They were practically inseparable as they lived rent-free on each other’s social media handles. In fact there was a viral video themed “Why are you guys always together ” where the besties had to explain the depth of their closeness.

On each other’s birthdays no words were spared to express love for each other. It was like a Garden of Eden thing until, whoever the serpent is, gets in the picture.


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