VIDEOS: Meet Bhadie Kelly, The Tiktok Lady, Men Are Drooling Over

So, a pretty and curvaceous lady, Bhadie Kelly has become popular after a video of her dancing on popular social media app, tiktok, went viral  a couple of days ago.


@bhadie.kellyy, a female Tiktoker makes short dance videos and her dance moves have made her an internet sensation, and many men on social media are drooling over her and other TikTokers mimicking her style.

A Nigerian twitter user, @first_alphas who likes making lists for fun, made a list of female tiktokers and Kelly was on the list at number 10. His list innocently introduced us to as he called it, “Baddies.”

On this thread, a Nigerian guy who posted Kelly’s photo even said, “ladies, if your guy has not posted this girl’s video, marry him.” This raised my curiousity and I spent time trying to find out who she is and what made her special, and as it turns out, so did a lot of Nigerian men…most of whom have not stopped talking about her for days.

The result, Kelly sat on top of the Nigerian trend table for three days straight, while people flocked to her page to watch her wiggle and shake.

Let’s just say a lot of men practically live on her tiktok page. ☺

Even though, ladies don’t want to admit it, they are actually viewing her videos more than the guys.

How do we know? There have been a lot of videos from ladies with Kelly’s sound, dance moves and even some tiktok duets have been made.

After her videos went viral, she has become the talk of the town on social media with several guys sharing her videos and making flirty comments on the thread.

The trend became even more massive when other ladies made videos on Tiktok expressing their displeasure with how Kelly Bhadie is being hyped saying “she’s overhyped” because there are many other ladies that can dance better than her, but they aren’t recognized. Many guys also expressed in reply that the ladies are Jealous of @bhadie.kellyy that’s why they are hating on her.

A review of her handle shows she started making active videos on TikTok in November 2021 and since then, she has to her credit numerous clips of her displaying her attractive dance skills on her official TikTok account.

Due to her recent trend, her followers skyrocketed from 356k followers to over 741k and more in just three days. She currently has over a million followers.

Now….Let’s see the VIDEOS



For those saying she is Overhyped, this twitter user made a video compilation for you.


This is the Video Thread I mentioned earlier

Hot Female Tiktokers ☺

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