FIFA president Gianni Infantino worried about Constant rise in Transfer fees

Fifa president Gianni Infantino in Zurich. Picture: AFP

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has demonstrated that rising transfer fees are “stressing” and guaranteed “there are no guidelines set up” to direct operators.

Infantino, who became FIFA’s President in February 2016, needs to make changes to transfer commissions and agent regulation and also the quantity of homegrown players clubs deliver.

47-year-old Infantino beforehand said in November that he would present new transfer system rules by 2018.

“For international transfers alone, we’ve seen some $6.4 billion circulating,” Infantino told ESPN.

“This is double the amount [compared to] just four or five years ago. You could say the system is healthy because there is lots of money. But the trend is worrying and that’s why we need to act.

“That’s $6.4 billion, transferred from one country to another, over a period of a few months. And at the same time, the commission fees paid to agents are increasing as well, to more than $500 million.”

Agents are currently licensed by individual football associations rather than FIFA but that could potentially change with new regulations.

English football teams paid a record high total of £174m to agents last season and Infantino has expressed deep concerns about their fees.

“I think the rise of commissions paid to agents has taken a worrying direction. And many agents agree with me and would like more oversight,” he said.

“It’s also a question of football’s ecosystem – today there are no rules in place.

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