Everything you need to know about ‘BBNaira’, Betway Wallet, and #BBNaija’s new exchange system


The fifth season of Big Brother Naija has kicked off with a bang!

Everything you need to know about ‘BBNaira’, Betway Wallet, and #BBNaija’s new exchange system

The new BBNaija season premiered on Sunday, June 19, 2020. Fans of the show are super excited and conversations about the housemates have been running non-stop on social media.



It’s only been six days, but we have already been wowed by the new housemates, their fabulous style, even as we observed their banter with each other as they converged in the house. Let’s not even talk about the relationships that are already getting started!



The Big Brother Naija show host and Betway’s BBNaija ambassador, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has announced that Big Brother will be introducing a new exchange system in the house. Instead of coins, the housemates will be using BBNaira during their stay in the house.



This time, no housemate can steal their colleague’s coins because each housemate will have their money safely stowed away in a Betway Wallet.



And no, the Betway Wallet is not a bag! It’s an electronic wallet that would display how much each housemate has per time on a screen in the house. So if a housemate is awarded with some BBNaira during a task in the arena, or for whatever reason, their wallet will be updated with the new amount, and when they use up some BBNaira, they can see the reduced amount on the screen.

Kinda like a cool BBNaija bank account, right? We thought so too.



Housemates can also use the BBNaira currency from their Betway Wallet to engage in Sunday shopping, request for privileges, buy immunity, and even buy veto power!



However, housemates can be fined with money from their wallet if they are caught breaking house rules. As Ebuka said:,



‘Big Brother is introducing fines. There are some offences like not wearing your microphone properly, that will make you lose 5 BB Nairas. But there are also rewards, so of course, some good deeds might get the housemates rewards.’



Betway is the headline sponsor of Big Brother Naija season five and as usual, this means that they’ll be handling the arena games. While we look forward to the exciting games they will be cooking up, it’s obvious that the arena games are a chance for the housemates to fill up their Betway Wallets with some cool BBNaira.

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