Five compelling reasons to get yourself a Car In 2021

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You have been hustling since January 2020, wondering when you will be able to afford a car. It doesn’t even have to be a Benz; a small Corolla will do. You just need something to move around with – a vehicle that guarantees that your last good wig won’t get pulled off by a conductor or that you will not have to endure unsolicited conversations from bike riders.


The new year beckons and your Piggybank is swole at the moment. You are thinking that this is the best time to chill and enjoy the spoils of the war of 2020.


Well, here are five very good reasons why you should consider getting a car before you start the new year:


Trikytee expressing shock that you want to enter danfo


  1. Traffic


Ladies and gentlemen, Lagos traffic is wild! You can’t escape it, but what you can do is have fun while the traffic rages on. Instead of ‘marching’ the brake for the danfo driver while he alights to fight with an agbero; you could be chilling in your car while chaos ensues around you. Far from the maddening crowd!


Be calm like Laycon inside your own car


  1. Privacy


If you’ve ever been in a danfo when someone is either nodding off on your shoulder or peeking into your phone while you are texting, you probably understand where this point is going. Save yourself that stress, head to Cars45 and do the needful. It’s the most efficient automotive trading platform to sell and buy cars – well, your ride for the New Year. Privacy is sometimes the best company!


Nengi begging you to avoid stories that touch


  1. Wardrobe Fails


RIP to the drips that have drowned because of an untimely rip that occurred while trying to step down from the bus. Also, shout out to the white shirts that have powered through the heat and unsolicited body contact. Seriously, your Zara shirt will not survive public transport trips, and neither should you have to ‘survive’ it as well. God no go shame us oo!


A wise man once said “Use your head”


  1. Convenience 


Yes, there’s traffic, but having your own car really makes running errands easier. Barring a lockjam, that trip from Opebi to Yaba shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes in your own whip. But with public transportation, that same trip might take 45 minutes – in between passenger pickups and looking for change. Speed is really about convenience!


Nengi rejoicing with you for spending less


  1. Spend Less


Is it just us, or spending N20,000 on cabs in a week, sounds alarming?


You should settle down and do the math. Have you picked your mouth off the floor? That’s over 1 million Naira! That’s money you can use for a car and chill while everyone else is screaming at bus conductors and annoying cab drivers. Thrift is the best means of thriving!

Wahala for who no get car in 2021. Can you think of why  ‘legediz-benz’ cannot follow us into 2021?  Head to and change your 2021 before it has even begun.

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