Five Things You Missed From Heineken’s Formula 1 Party On Sunday!

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Five Things You Missed From Heineken’s Formula 1 Party On Sunday!

Fast cars. Formation laps. Flashing lights! For a sport as niche as Formula 1, it is perhaps the most intense, difficult, and most international racing championship in the world. The thrill is second to none, with world-class drivers attempting to overtake each other at opportune moments and at the fastest speed.

Formula 1 simply runs on pure adrenaline that served to be an inspiration for Heineken as the brand conceptualised and executed an overly exciting F1 event this past Sunday! The event was crafted, much to the excitement of attendees as they were treated to a highly entertaining experience that will no doubt stay in memory for a long time.

Want all the deets? Here are five things we loved about Heineken’s F1 Viewing Party:

Lewis Hamilton’s Return

Following an enforced break from the circuit due to COVID-19, Lewis Hamilton returned for the final race of the season, to a lot of fanfare. The seven-time Formula 1 champion staged an exciting race for the viewers, coming third just behind Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas. Mercedes commemorated a dominant season with some celebratory doughnuts for Hamilton and Bottas in the final race, with the team recording its seventh straight double championship this year.

The Car Wash Experience

Heineken was serious about the F1 theme as they leaned into it fully to deliver a great experience. Situated adjacent to the hallowed Heineken F1 party was a unique car wash spot in which attendees’ cars were treated to a VIP experience. Think of impossibly huge lathers of soap, state-of-the-art hoses washing down every crevice of your car while chugging a can of Heineken. Sounds like the life, right? Well, it was all that and more!

Stunts! And A Special Appearance!

The event was brought to its climax when it was announced that established F1 driver, xxx xxx, was in attendance. He not only interacted with the fans and consumers but also treated them to a performance of the most-daring and awe-inspiring F1 stunts.

The Full F1 Treatment

What better way to experience the best of F1 than being in an actual fast car while a professional driver performs the craziest stunts! It wasn’t quite the out-of-body experience, but it was surreal for ardent F1 fans nonetheless!

An Immersive, Exciting Experience

Like all things Heineken, the ambience at the F1 Party was a premium experience, with a fantastic stage design, dazzling lights, and many other unique attractions. Fans and consumers alike not only enjoyed the F1 race but also got an opportunity to let their hair down after a challenging year. The foam fights were supremely enjoyable, with unlimited free food and cocktails offered. And DJ Lambo on hand to get  the party moving!

And oh, did we mention that it was a cool gathering of bikers and lovers of fast cars?

Yes, we know. You must be beating yourself up about missing this event. Not to rub it in, but it was everything we described and more. The good news is you can expect more cluster parties like this, this December, and other exciting F1-themed activities from Heineken come 2021; and like all things Heineken, it’s going to be an exciting, high-octane experience. So stay tuned!


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